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Recently I had the opportunity to partner with the phenomenal Sugar Medical to do a review and giveaway. I wanted to share my thanks and gratitude for all of the awesome people who have helped make this site, and The Diabetic Mommy Facebook page, such an incredible community of like minded individuals. What better way to share the love than to give away really fantastic goodies. More on that later. For now, the review.

Disclaimer: I would like it to be noted that I am in no way being compensated by Sugar medical for purpose of this review. However, they are sponsoring the giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are my very own and are not influenced in any way by the company or individuals affiliated with said company.

Living with diabetes comes with a lot of worry; blood sugar levels and ways to treat them if need be, A1c’s and doctors appointments, complications that may or my not occur, and just the overall mental, physical, and emotional game you have to play when dealing with this illness. It is a stressful beast nipping at our heels, but we manage.

That being said, the last thing I want to worry about is where to keep all of my necessary supplies when traveling, and not just across states or countries, but to the grocery store or amusement parks. I don’t want to be fumbling around in my purse for my pump or dexcom. For you gentlemen out there it’s possibly even worse because you don’t carry bags lot of the time. The frustration is real, friends.

I  have been a long time user of sugar medical products, I find their bags to be quite functional and stylish enough to fit my funky personality. They have just about everything you could think of to help make living with diabetes just a little less crazy.

Recently the site introduced their newest bag, The Omnipod Plus Bag, it seemed cute and practical which was exactly what I had been looking into for awhile. Once I had actually received it I knew it was just what I needed. Pictured below is the one I was given for review, The Landon Plus bag. It is truly phenomenal and I’ll tell you why…


Not only does my Dexcom fit in the outside pocket perfectly but this bag features a see through window so I can view my numbers where ever I am with ease. This colorful bag comes with a strap for carrying it around my wrist or securing it to my purse. In the pictures above that is the thickness of the bag with all of my things inside…


Inside is roomier than a Cadillac. There is a zipper side for either an extra pod or syringes and lancets. There are loops to secure your insulin vial, test strips, batteries, and lancing device. But even better than that? There is now a velcro feature for your pump. You simply place the 3m sticker on the back of your PDM, let sit for 24 hours before placing on velcro in the bag, and bam…you have a secured device tucked away nicely. The very last picture is something I love even more, it is a trash compartment for your test strips. Inside is a plastic like material that is easily wiped out if you were to get blood in there. How amazing is that?


You can also purchase new gel skins. I went with purple but there are plenty of colors to choose from to fit your personality. Just because we have diabetes doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable. Gentlemen, you aren’t left out either because there are color combos and themes to meet your needs as well.

Over all I am beyond impressed with these newer bags. The regular omnipod ones are great as well but if you are looking for just a little extra something then the plus is for you. It serves every need I have in regards to carrying my supplies.

Interested in purchasing one for yourself?

Check out the website linked above for more info.


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Ramblings from the heart.

Within this last week I have had quite a few doctors appointments. I had to see the endocrinologist who informed me of a very serious vitamin D deficiency. I am now taking a supplement. We moved on to the A1c, it’s up a bit but that’s to be expected with the pump transition. She was upset to hear that I hadn’t had much contact with the CDE. I had emailed her quite a few times with no response, diabetes waits for no one, so I just started figuring things out on my own.

No big deal.

She congratulated me for getting my cholesterol down 15 points. I was surprised. A few changes here and there to my diet really did the trick. Hoping to see more improvement when I see her again. I’ll do anything I have to do as long as I can stay off pills/extra medication. I also had to get an ultrasound done of my thyroid to make sure there’s no funny business. Frustrating. You get three steps ahead and then you’re pushed back five. She wants to see me in April which is a month early. My next visit shouldn’t be until May but she wants to keep a very close eye on me.

Overall the appointment was alright but I still just wanted to scream. I was so annoyed. Not at her. With myself. With my genetics? Ugh. I don’t even know who to blame.

I am only 26 years old and it feels like I am falling apart. Like the sweater that is my health is constantly coming undone no matter what I do to try and stop or fix it. I had a moment in the car on the way home from the doctors office..all I could think about was how I am just too young to have to be dealing with this…

I just need to vent.

At the end of the day I try very hard to be positive. I try to be optimistic…Some times, however, I should be allowed to scream and shout, and cry, and wonder why I am having to go through this.

It’s too much sometimes. That’s all.

Why am I only 26 and needing visits every 2-3 months? Why am I making myself bleed every time I check my sugar or insert a sensor/pod? Why am I having to watch what I eat? Why do I have to worry about this and that? You know how many times my husband has been to the doctors..? A handful of times. He goes once a year for checkups and then he goes every once in awhile because of minor injuries here and there. It’s infuriating.

I’m too young to be worried about vitamin deficiencies. I am too young to have to worry about complications. It’s not just me, it’s you, it’s them. It’s everyone. We are too young to have to be concerned with some of the things that tag along with diabetes. Now, tomorrow is a new day. Heck, today was ten times better. But that day I cried. I cried and I let the emotions overwhelm me. It won’t happen again. Not for awhile. I just needed to vent.

I know that we all go through moments like this. I thought I’d share mine. I will continue to be positive and fight. That’ll never stop. I’ll also continue to smile. My daughter keeps telling me that one day I won’t have to worry about diabetes anymore. She’s going to be a doctor and find a cure. She says she’ll take care of me and I’ll never be sick again. Those very sweet moments melt my heart. She is filled with so much love for me. For every one with diabetes. I know that one day, if she continues down that path, she will find a cure. If she believes, then I believe.

So there you have it. Sometimes I break down but I always pick up the pieces and move forward.

Keep moving forward.


Diabetes is like..


I saw this picture and loved it!!

It’s like that annoying little hum of a headache that wont go away.

It’s like that ex boyfriend/girlfriend that hangs around..just in know the one.

It’s like that splinter in your finger that you try and try to remove but can’t. So you hope it just pops out on it’s own.

It’s like a paper cut. Enough said, right?

It’s like a bad hair day.

It’s like a rain cloud that hovers over you.

It’s like, well, it’s like the most frustrating thing ever.

But some days it’s also not so bad. Some days it’s a background noise. You know it’s there but it’s not overbearing. Some days the stars align just right and your blood sugar stays between the lines. You eat and there are no spikes, you bolus like a boss, your sugar never drops. Some days you get to go about things like a normal person. Yes, you’re still doing finger sticks, or injections, or whatever it is that you use and everything just seems to be going your way.

Those days really do outweigh the crummy ones.

Like the flower above..something tedious and annoying can make beautiful things. Like the friendships I’ve made through diabetes. Those connections make this disease slightly more bearable.

So like I always, you’ll find a reason to.

You’re my hero.

I give a lot of credit to diabetics everywhere. I myself am type one, so I know on a daily basis what it feels like to go through all the ups and downs. The feeling of loneliness, sadness, and frustration when it comes to caring for my diabetes personally. I also know what it feels like to be happy, and excited when diabetes decides to play nice. So I cheer each and every one of you on, type one, type two, and all the other sweet diabetics out there. Because I understand the battle.

What I have neglected to do is cheer on you wonderful, amazing caregivers.

The loved ones who surround us and try with every ounce of their being to “get” what we are going through. Who try so very hard to understand and care for us. Even when we are difficult, even when we are going through that dreaded burn out. They are right along side us wanting to punch diabetes in the face too.

So, this one goes out to every mom, dad, husband, wife, grandparent, and everyone in between who has cared for someone with diabetes. To all you amazing, loving individuals who stay up late at night worrying and stressing over blood sugar numbers and bolus/basal rates. To every one of you who handles our moodiness with grace, because we can be difficult sometimes, to every one of you who has cried over why this even had to happen..THANK YOU!

Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on. Thank you for helping to figure out carbs, but also understanding that sometimes we just want to splurge. Thank you for spending your every dollar so that we can have the type of care, tools, and devices, we need to manage this finicky disease. Thank you for not getting upset with us when we get angry at ourselves, at you, at the whole world. The strain this disease puts on us, mentally, emotionally, and physically is a constant factor. We lash out, not because we don’t love and appreciate you, but because we’re scared. We try our hardest to do what we’re supposed to do and sometimes it takes a toll on us. That doesn’t mean we don’t see everything you do for us.

To my husband who has been the main recipient of my angry diabetes rants and frustrations. Thank you for listening and not judging me. Thank you for wiping away the tears and encouraging me to keep at my diabetes management. Thank you for researching and reading up on all the diabetes jargon. For showing me all the news articles about this discovery and that one. I know that you are hoping, wishing, for a cure just as bad as I am some days.

Thank you for checking my sugar for me when I am too sleepy, or in a high/low trance.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have walked, raised money, advocated, and all around love us.

We love you and appreciate every thing you do.

YOU are my hero.

You’re my type.

Sometimes I am hesitant to share my blood sugar numbers or my A1c’s with other people with diabetes (PWD) because I don’t want to feel inadequate and I wouldn’t want others to feel that way. Let’s face it..we all compare ourselves to one another. It happens.

But diabetes..shouldn’t be a competition.

The DOC is a community. If your numbers aren’t where you want them to be then keep working at it and I will be right behind you cheering you on.

It’s the same thing with all the type one this and type two that. Listen, diabetes sucks. For me, for you, for everyone in between. No one wishes this disease on themselves no matter what type it is. Not one of them is “worse” than the other. They are both tedious and aggravating.

Whatever “type” you are..I support you. I’m cheering you on. I am sending you wonderful blood sugar vibes and that’s that. If so many people in the world are staring at us like we are sickly, lazy pancreas carrying, fools, why are we judging one another?

Everyone else is doing that enough.

Let’s stick together. Let’s join hands, and not entirely in a sing-song around the campfire kind of way, but in a community kind of way. I am saddened when I hear judgement and rude comments tossed at type ones or type twos by one another. That’s not how it should be.

That’s not what I signed up for anyway.

I have spoken to a few people who are feeling alienated by others because of their “type” and it’s ridiculous.

I’m going to step off of my soap box though and leave you with this. Just because I get a good A1c or a bad one doesn’t mean I’m going to stop fighting. And just because you have type one, two, three, four, or five diabetes doesn’t mean you should either. Keep fighting. Keep doing you and let everything else go. Life is too short.

Smile, there’s always a reason to.



Tom Hanks. Now a D member?

Tom Hanks, Welcome to the D side.

In case you aren’t familiar with the different types of diabetes here’s a quick run down:

Type one diabetes (Formerly insulin dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes) is a form of diabetes mellitus that results from autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. The subsequent lack of insulin leads to increased blood and urine glucose. The classical symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, and weight loss. Untreated, type 1 diabetes is ultimately fatal, but the disease can be controlled with supplemental insulin. The insulin is most commonly administered by injection at periodic intervals several times per day, though other options, such as insulin pumps, exist.

Type two diabetes (Formerly non-insulin dependent diabetes or adult-onset diabetes) is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood glucose in the context of insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency. This is in contrast to diabetes type one, in which there is an absolute insulin deficiency due to destruction of islet cells in the pancreas. The classic symptoms are excess thirst, frequent urination, and constant hunger. Type two diabetes makes up about 90% of cases of diabetes with the other 10% due primarily to diabetes type one and gestational diabetes. Type two is initially managed by increasing exercise and dietary modification. If blood glucose levels are not adequately lowered by these measures, medications such as metformin or insulin may be needed. In those on insulin, there is typically the requirement to routinely check blood sugar levels.

To break it down, both are the bad kind, both require lots of attention and change in daily routine.

Now, I just found out about this a few minutes ago and figured this would be quite an opportunity to blog some thoughts on this whole thing. So far the celebrities who live with diabetes have been very hush, hush about this disease. Tom hanks, newly diagnosed, went on a late night talk show to connect himself to it. Which made me very happy to see. Though I would never wish diabetes, type one or two, on anyone I think that this will prove to be a wonderful example of how diabetes doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

He’s technically been living with it since the age of 36, though many factors might have contributed to this, he is still positive about his life. Still joking and being the ever charming Tom Hanks we know and love.

Diabetes can affect anyone, no matter your gender, race, or status.

I’m just hoping that Tom Hanks will use his power for good and joins the fight to raise awareness.

I wish Tom Hanks all the best in managing his diabetes.

He’s always been my favorite actor and now I think he’s just gotten a little bit sweeter.

What do you think about all this? I’d love to hear your thoughts on celebrities representing diabetes.