The Exercising Diabetic.


Though I’d like to think I’m quite an athlete the truth is that I’m far from it. Far, far, far from it. There isn’t an athletic bone in this body. I have come to terms with it and it’s perfectly acceptable for you to do the same. Instead what I do have are let’s-workout-here-and-there-for-diabetes-sake bones in my body. I realize the positive effect exercising has on my blood glucose levels but I also realize just how difficult it can be to create the perfect scenario for my diabetes to thrive.

Even though I’m back on the workout grind it has definitely taken a while. The frustrating part of striving to be a healthier me was that, without fail, I would gear up and head out on my walks, or whatever regimen I had planned out, and my numbers would be stable. Then they would slowly start to climb. Skyrocketing by the end of my workout. This was supposed to make me feel great, healthy, and in charge. When in reality I was feeling, drained, defeated, and ready to throw in the towel. Some days were the complete opposite. Dropping so low in the middle of sweating it out that I would have to eat something substantial to get back up to normal.

Color me beyond frustrated. So frustrated in fact that I convinced myself that I was happy with the way I looked, the miserable way I felt, and the way diabetes and I interacted. Like two feuding exes not really wanting to be in the same room as one another but playing nice and being cordial because that’s what adults do.

Then it hit me. One day I woke up and I realized that health isn’t something to take for granted, it’s something that needs to be worked at. You’re blessed with an amazing system in the beginning but it’s entirely your duty to maintain it. Sometimes illness happens, or life happens, and the healthy points start ticking down. But we are in charge, nonetheless, of our overall healthiness. Not anyone else. So I decided it’s time to take responsibility for my poor choices, and somewhat horrible habits, and have begun getting myself into gear. I’ve started kicking my own butt. Not literally of course. But I set myself goals. Small ones for easy victories that would give me the continued confidence I needed and now I am starting on those long term ones. Goals that after they’ve been completed make you feel really, and truly accomplished. Baby steps are still steps. Progress should always be something to be proud of. I’m starting there and working my way up.

It’s not an easy road. And this doesn’t mean I have suddenly developed those “athletic” bones. But I am working on a better me. A healthier me so that I can continue to be a mom, a diabadass, and everything in between.

How do you stay in charge of your diabetes and overall health?


Change can be a good thing..




Time flies when you’re having fun..

I hadn’t realized my last blog post was almost a week ago. :)

Lately, per advice from my daughter, I have been taking time to really enjoy myself and family time. Since “graduating” preschool, May 22nd, my husband and I have been talking up how awesome this “official” summer break was going to be for her. So we have been taking advantage of every single opportunity to be out and about with her. In between all the excitement I have been revamping some things in my life. Some big, and some small, but all important to me.

I thought I’d share..

Diabetes has always been something that I sort of pushed to the side. I take my health seriously…just not always the way I should have been. I checked my sugars when I felt “off” I never missed an injection but I never really took the time to plan them out around meals. I wasn’t doing it right, apparently. (Carb counting has been this amazing phenomenon that I just discovered thanks to my family doctor and it has changed my life..) The point is I realized that if I am ever going to have proper control of this situation I was going to have to start putting myself first, health wise anyway, and everything else second. I have taken the time to work with the doctor and figure out my carb per unit of insulin ratio and I have been paying closer attention to how I am feeling. This is a process that has been working itself out for a while now and is finally becoming second nature. Like breathing, I am able to do what I need to do. My levels have been somewhat amazing and all it really took was a little discipline. Go figure. :) Don’t get me wrong, it was sort of “easier” to test once in awhile and just take shots when I felt I needed them, but it wasn’t helping me out in the long run.

I get frustrated once in a while but overall I am feeling great and that’s what matters.

I’m stubborn, but I know that a healthy way of living will keep me around longer. I’m testing regularly, taking my long acting (20 units) in the morning and (20 units) in the evening before bed. I plan out my meals, carb wise, so that I can take enough insulin to cover. My targeted ranges are 85 and 140. I’ve had a few high numbers and quite a bit of the low ones but the results have given me more of an incentive to continue this path. I’ll hopefully get a decent A1C too. We’ll see though.

I’ve also taken the plunge and started exercising at least once a day. Lately I have been walking a mile, or more, everyday. With quite a bit of cardio. Really, I am doing all of this for a better me. A healthier me. Alongside me is my partner in crime, my daughter, and together we walk and workout and enjoy the togetherness that this brings. She’s very encouraging with exercising and taking care of the diabeetus. These days I am so happy. Pieces are falling into place. Not just diabetes wise either but with life in general.

In the next couple of months I will be participating in my first Walk to Cure diabetes with JDRF. I am so very excited. I have already started my fundraising , and though my goal is set low, I am hoping to go above and beyond. My husband has agreed to walk with me and support me through all of it. I figured, if I want a cure, if I want change in the world, then I need to step up to the plate and get my hands dirty. I need to put forth the effort. This will be my first walk, but not my last, and I hope to meet and see a lot of us diabetics or diabetic lovers at the walk.

Within the last few months I have taken control of my life, my health, and my diabetes. I refuse to let this disease own me.

Own it or be owned!