What’s up, Wednesday.


Hello, friends.

Hope this post finds you well. I thought I would update you all on how life has been treating me and all of the new things going on around here.

So here is what’s up, Wednesday…

I started a podcast! If you would like to listen you can find it here. I talk about life as full time wife, mommy, and type one diabetic. I am currently working on episode five which should drop this Friday. It has been such a fun experience and I am hoping to start having guests on with me. So stay tuned for that. If you have topic suggestions leave me a comment because I am always looking for ideas.

I have become a contributor for a wonderful site called Dayton Moms Blog, here is their Facebook page as well. They are a remarkable community and I totally suggest checking them out. And not because I write for them. I followed them before and always found their content very relatable and fun.

Wish us luck with this adventure.

I am venturing into homeschooling my youngest for a year. He starts preschool at the end of 2019, hopefully, and so I thought I would start him off with a little curriculum for his age and based off of his skill level already. Today should have been our first day but I am still trying to narrow things down. I am going to do a bit more research and start Monday morning. He is eager to learn but his attention span is what scares me. He can be so invested, and then, like most 3 year old kiddos, he is up and moving around.

Radom happenings here.

My oldest has gone back to school and is a big bad fifth grader. I almost can not believe it. She seems so little. Too small to be considered a preteen. Yet here we are. She has developed her own sense of style. She is incredibly independent and not all at the same time. She is vibrant and excited for everything. I totally teared up on her first day. No judgements. But I am so proud of her for not being afraid to try new things.

I am currently trying to teach myself to garden. I notoriously kill all plants and flowers that have been given to me. I just can not do it. Keeping myself alive, cool. Keeping my children alive, pro status. Keeping plants alive, nope. Not a chance. But something in me felt defeated. Like, how can something so simple be so difficult for me. So I got some plants, I potted them, and I have been watering them daily. I even bought some vitamins for them. This time around I told myself to really give it a go. Not to give up. So far they are lively and bright. I am very proud of myself. Hopefully they continue to thrive.

With that said I would really like to try growing fruits and veggies. Any advice on that topic? Send all your knowledge my way. Please, and thank you.

Hope you have a beautiful week and continue to wear your smiles. They are amazing!


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