Who inspires you?



I remember being asked this question when I was younger. In school you’d have to write papers explaining in detail who inspired you and why. Sometimes I would pick authors and sometimes I would pick my sister or my mom. Truthfully, I was just picking people because I had to. I admired certain individuals because they had attributes I liked but to say they inspired me to be a better person, a better writer, a better anything, wasn’t usually the case. I feel as though the two are similar but also very different.

Then I had children of my own.

My daughter is now having to choose people in her life who inspire her and write little papers about them. It’s neat to see and read what she writes. Her thoughts come together so effortlessly when it’s something she’s passionate about. Her pieces are always well thought out and beautiful. In discussing her inspirations I got to thinking about who I would write about now, now that I am older, now that I have grown up in more ways than one, and you know who it came down to? My children.

Super cheesy, I know.

But it’s so undeniably true and real and wonderful.

Both of my children inspire me in so many ways every single day.

They inspire me to always be a dreamer, because no matter how old you get you are never too old to dream. They inspire me to make those dreams into reality, because hard work does indeed pay off and we are all allowed successes and victories at any stage in our life. They also inspire me to be present in each and every moment I am blessed with, because time is fleeting and we never know when our time will be up.

But most importantly they inspire me to love. To love with all of my heart and soul and without judgement, because love is not weighted by expectations or preconceived notions. Love is pure and it is perfect and it is for everyone.

Who inspires you?


6 thoughts on “Who inspires you?

  1. radgirlclassifieds says:

    Love this post! I believe my mom is my biggest inspiration and motivation. Her belief in me allows me to continue and become who I’m meant to be! I love your blog and would love if you’d check mine out. Thanks!

  2. The women in my life inspire me. From my mom to women I have met as an adult that I love so much. Of course, my wife inspires me every day. Also, I have to say my children and grandchildren inspire me to keep going.

    Granddad’s do not quit.

    • No granddads definitely can not quit. They are very important. And I agree that the women in our lives are very inspiring. I would always choose my sister. I’ve always looked up to her and her strength. Now my daughter writes about me. It’s really neat.

  3. Such a beautiful post! I think I could never pick just one thing/person that inspires me – I get inspired by everything, everyday. From people, to music, to films, i don’t know maybe it’s because I also look at everything with an artistic side too and try to find inspirations for my art work as well as my life.

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