When life happens..

Even though I have felt extremely guilty for ignoring my blog, I can’t apologize. I needed that time for me, and my family, and my health. I wont say the almost year that I’ve taken off from writing really opened my eyes or anything. Life is still seemingly the same. But it was nice not having to force the creativity. It was nice taking a break from this so that I could come back and really enjoy my time here. Because that is the one thing that I was starting to lose. The sweet taste in my mouth. The excitement I felt when I posted a blog I was proud of. I wasn’t feeling that anymore.

So I took a step back.

And now here I am. Feeling better, and confident, and really ready to care for this baby like it deserves. My hopes for this blog were to reach others who might be in my position and let them know they weren’t alone. Whether that be in motherhood, in managing diabetes, or the two combined. I want others to find a home here. Like I have.

If you’re wondering how this year in hiatus treated me, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t amazingly awesome, but it also wasn’t my worst year. I have a lot to be proud of and feel extremely blessed about. I also have a lot to think about and change if I want this new year to be even better. I am excited about the possibilities of a new year. Everything seems so bright and fresh. Which is why I figured it is now or never to restart this and really give it my all. I hope I still have a community here to take this ride with me. And I am looking forward to meeting new people and seeing where all of this takes me.

And as always don’t forget to wear that smile.



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