The Low Carb Life

When I was younger I ate what I wanted whenever I wanted. My parents would try to be strict with food but it didn’t phase me much. I was always a curvier girl and didn’t start leaning out until after highschool. After my diagnosis I thought maybe it was time to start changing my eating habits…

I didn’t, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

I suppose I didn’t really understand at the time the correlation between my diabetes and food. I didn’t quite get how they went together. This led to many highs and lows in my weight, my diabetes management, and my idea of self. Now that I am a bit older I am listening, understanding, and researching so much more. I started looking into this low carb lifestyle. So many of my diabetic friends do low carb high fat and I figured if it worked for them I should, at the very least, give it a try.

I cut out soda, bread, junk food, and red meat for the most part. I started slow with more fresh fruit and veggies. More fish and chicken. Less fried. It was a struggle at first especially since I didn’t see a need to make everyone jump on board. I encourage healthy eating but I still let the kids snack. My daughter still has pizza and Chinese food. But I also make it a point to add veggies and salads to the menu.

So I guess the main struggle was jealousy. I wanted that pizza, that hamburger with the bun, that donut. I told myself over and over that I didn’t need it though. For dessert I started grabbing for the raspberries or black berries with a little whip cream to satisfy my sweet tooth. Over the past month and a half it has improved my energy levels, my overall health, and my outlook on things in general. It started getting progressively easier and now here I am. Looking up recipes and enjoying all my fruit. Not even thinking about looking back. My recent endo appointment confirmed that this new lifestyle is the way to go. My cholesterol is down a significant amount. My weight is slowly coming down and my a1c is awesome. How can I complain or gripe now?

The proof is in the pudding…

I know low carb isn’t for everyone but I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a little change. I recently tried this amazing chicken and black bean chili. It was only 18 carbs for one cup of it. So yummy, so filling, and didn’t hurt my blood sugars one bit. I am more and more impressed with this every day. The fact that I need less insulin and my numbers have improved amazingly. Look out low carb, because I’m sticking around.

What lifestyle changes have you tried? Were they successes? Or did you hit a few obstacles? I know I have hit that wall plenty of times. Don’t give up. Keep going. Because you are stronger than you think. Much love, friends.


10 thoughts on “The Low Carb Life

  1. Jealousy? I love it. I know when my wife snacks on chocolate brownies i get jealous as well. I love your blog and I think it is well done.

    I also want you to know I referred your item for inclusion on the blog page if TUDiabetes.

    Rick Phillips

    • Hello, Mr. Phillips.
      I appreciate the compliment and the referral. That is very awesome. Thank you. Yes, jealousy can reign supreme when I want that slice of pizza. Thankfully my husband is doing low carb with me right now so we can sort of keep one another accountable. It helps so much. Are you a low carb eater as well?

  2. I had 42 years of bad eating habits before being struck with T1 Diabetes. 3 years of living with this I have gotten better but I swerve off track way too much. Moderation is what works for me. Everything in moderation.

    • Yes. Moderation is key. I’ve started this journey a few times and then ended up swerving too much. I figure slow and steady wins the race. Applying that to this and seeing where it takes me. Are you low carb now or just being mindful?

  3. Awesome! I do low carb moderate fat unlimited protein :) my a1c came down by 1.3% , I have fewer highs and lows, and my weight has been stable. I have learned so many new recipes and caveats about diabetes that I never knew before changing my eaing habits, such as needing to bolus for protein with meals that have leas than 20g of carbs for example. Also, just to address another comment, although we have some cells in the brain that preferentially run on glucose, our liver takes cake of that by making glucose from protein precursors – so there is no such thing as “essential” carb intake, but it is very important to get amino acid and fatty acids in your diet :)

    • It is quite the learning experience. That I can definitely agree with. I thought it was going to be incredibly difficult and daunting but I can say that I am full more times than not with this new eating and I feel much better. I’m happy to announce that I haven’t even taken advantage of “cheat” days. Haha. I am really enjoying this new adventure. I’ll have to get with you through email sometime and you can let me in on some more recipes and what not. Thanks for always being so full of information. I really appreciate it. :)

  4. Giving up foods like Pizza is hard, cheese is addicting! However, from what I’ve read being Diabetic in many cases comes with cravings. What you did is substituting those cravings for good foods like fruits and veggies. However the craving for pizza is different and I think good fats might help, such as eating an avocado, hummus, and other foods that give a good full feeling. Have you tried experimenting with healthy substitutes (good fats) to fill cravings?

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