It’s time for living.

warm summer days

Sometimes I feel bad for not blogging as much as I used to, or as much as I hoped I would. This was supposed to be an outlet for me to vent, connect, and all around work on my writing. Then, life happened. My oldest was in school all day, and my husband worked long hours so I figured blogging would be perfect for me. Then I had my son and that threw my world upside down. It wasn’t quick and easy lifestyles anymore. It was on the floor rolling around with a crawling baby while the laundry sat and the dishes piled up. It was reading “That’s not my monster” books over and over again to my almost one year old while trying to make dinner for everyone. Now he is fifteen months old and showing no signs of stopping. I love his energy and enthusiasm. I beg him to share it with me but no luck so far. My daughter plays sports so we’re gearing up for that soon. My husband has an even busier job life now and so I am left manning the ship that is home life.

It can be tough.

No complaints but I will say that at times I feel as though I get the back burner a lot. Not because anyone puts me there. I put myself there. It’s easier. I can get so much done when I am not worried about if I am eating, showered, or when I put my last clean shirt on. So, I have been making it a point to do things for me. I am going to church more and more now. I have been taking classes at the local parish so that I can convert to Catholicism. It’s been a truly eye opening experience. Come Easter Sunday this little journey that I started in August of 2015 will be coming to an end and I will be fully Catholic. Something that I thought about, prayed on, and discussed with many people. Something that I did for me, and I am proud of. I will also be trying to blog a lot more. I think it’s so important to take time out for yourself so that you can keep the sanity. Happy wife happy life, am I right?

Other things I started for me was living a healthy lifestyle. I have dieted in the past and then given up because I lacked discipline really. I lacked enthusiasm. Now I am giving it a go again. The difference this time is that I am taking baby steps instead of trying to leap into this new thing. I’ve slowly been exercising and not beating myself up if I can’t always get to it. I’ve also started low carb eating. Not starving myself, and not sacrificing taste. I have done my research and and done corrections for what works best for me and the way I live. I’ve cut out soda, bread, red meats (for the most part), no more junk food, or “comfort” food really. And, I can say that I am seeing the results. Which is an even bigger incentive to keep at it. Aside from losing 4 pounds, which isn’t nearly as much as I’d hoped, there are other positives. My cholesterol is down almost 200 points. This is beyond amazing because it was getting very serious. My vitamin D is good. My a1c is back to where it should be. And overall I am feeling so much better. My endo is slightly concerned with my thyroid but she wants to wait it out a bit before we take action. She’s hoping that this after pregnancy phenomenon that happens sometimes will kick itself out of my system. Until then we are keeping an eye on it. It’s sort of cliche to say it but this year is turning into the year of me. A healthier me. And I am very excited about it.

I am taking the time to care for me in every way possible. I hope you are doing the same. It’s easier to put ourselves last but not better. What are you doing for you lately?




4 thoughts on “It’s time for living.

  1. I can totally relate girl. My 2 year old has me very very busy!Isn’t it amazing how different the first one is to the second. I’m really trying hard to blog and do more blog reading too. I’ve been awful with that. I want to make my blog more than it currently is. I have so many sketches that I need to draw on illustrator and blogs ive started and not finshed lol. I want to write a post a week. Well i’m going to try anyway and thats all we can do for now. Hope your well otherwise? xx

    • That toddler age is where it gets the most hectic for sure. I can not believe your youngest is two. Where has the time gone?? Yes, my two kiddos are so different. My oldest was, and still is, very calm, where as my youngest is everywhere. Getting into everything. Haha. I’d like to do a post a week as well. Lets see how that goes though. I wish you the best. Hope all is well with you and your beautiful little family. Things are going great here and I am looking forward to warmer weather soon. :) How are things with you?

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