Pump it up.


Life without my devices wasn’t terrible, though my A1C would disagree, I did feel a certain amount of freedom. It was nice not being hooked up to stuff. (I think that meant more to me than anything else) It was nice not having to stop everything for all those annoying beeps and whistles. It was nice that my only middle of the night alarm was my one year old. Though kind of scary because that is typically when I would go low. I pushed through. For a brief moment, before reality set it, I even contemplated never going back on my Omnipod or Dexcom. With a little one constantly clawing at, climbing on, or tugging me around I figured the less that could get ripped off, or broken, the better.

Irony: The whole reasoning behind me even getting the pods and cgm’s was so that I could feel safe, secure, and alert when it came to my blood sugars. I specifically picked the omnipod for it’s ease in use but also because it is tubeless. All the things that made me love my devices in the beginning eventually made me hate them.

Now here I am with my pod on my arm, clicking away in my ear, ensuring that my body has a constant drip of insulin being cycled into it. My blood sugars have started looking very attractive as of late and I am overall feeling less like I’ve been on a roller coaster against my will and more like I am just drained from chasing my one year old around the house.

Not an awful trade off really.

On my Facebook page, The Diabetic Mommy, I had discussed why I had initially been excited for MDI again. I complained about the data overload, which can be a lot to take in when you are new to these gadgets, I also commented on feeling like such a robot when I was out and about. Looking back I realize just how trivial these things are when it comes to the bigger picture of health and wellness. I had always recommended pumps and continuous glucose monitors because I know the amazing affect they have had on individuals but now I am even more on board after seeing such quick results post pumpcation. I think with a lot of research anyone, if truly interested, could find a pump that works for them and their lifestyle. Next month I start back on my Dexcom and I am even more excited about that. My guard dog at night against low and high blood sugars. I should never have taken you for granted.

Have you taken a pumpcation, whether it be for personal or financial reasons? Did you reunite with your gadgets? How’d that feel?



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