All I want for Christmas.

With the holiday season upon us I am sure we are all knee deep in lights, music, and gift wrap, but hopefully cheer as well. I know that every year not only is Santa making a list and checking it twice, I am doing the very same thing, it can be a stressful time for us all. I admit that I put a lot on myself to make the holidays, but especially Christmas, a very joyful time for everyone. By the end of it all I am exhausted, grumpy, and counting down to simple days with out all the anxiety for perfection.

This holiday season I told myself that it would be different. Some of you may not know that I recently started taking adult classes through my families Catholic church so that I could be a member of the faith and be welcomed back into the loving arms of our Lord. Some of you may not be on the same path as I am but I ask for respect and understanding. This is something I needed to do for me. I felt a huge void in my life, in my heart, and after baptizing both my children I realized that in order to be a good example to them I needed to lead with my actions and not just my words. So every Sunday morning I get up with my daughter and we attend our first communion classes and then after class we stay for mass with my brother in law and his lovely wife.

It has been quite the journey so far and I can honestly say that I have learned quite a bit about myself and the Catholic faith as a whole. I enjoy the people that I am in class with and have grown to really enjoy the traditions I am being taught about. Now if you happen to be Catholic then you might assume that you know exactly what my day to day at church looks like. I assure you, you don’t, it’s very different. The songs are contemporary. The Father stays very topical and gives such in depth and well thought out homily’s. I walked into this church just a few short months ago in May and instantly felt comfortable. Like home.

The reason I’m even bringing this up is because while going through these classes and learning so much I have come to realize that I knew nothing about Christmas, the season, advent, or what it truly meant to just be in the moment. (And I did grow up in a church going home) With peace in my heart I am taking a step back from trying to make sure every little thing is it’s place and I am just being here. Enjoying every second of every song, every second of baking cookies, every second of Christmas lights twinkling and every second of the cheer being spread all around, not just in my home, but in our families homes as well.

It truly is a beautiful time of year and I plan to really soak it in. So, in deciding what I really want for Christmas all i ask for is love, peace, and happiness. And I pray it continues into the new year!

Whether you are religious or not. I hope and pray that the season is merry and bright for you and your family and that the new year treats you well. For now I leave you with the best picture of my children seeing Santa.

Merry Christmas, friends.

Santa picture with kids


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