Friday Fun.


Fun Fact Friday.

I thought I’d put a little more of me out there, not like you don’t already know so much, and give you some fun facts.

Five Fun Facts:

  1. I love pb&j’s. Preferably with more peanut butter than jelly. Which is so weird because usually I love sweets. I use to always by strawberry until I met my husband and then I switched to grape, his favorite. Maybe that has something to do with it. Who knows. What I do know is the more peanut butter the better. Recently I met someone who hates peanut butter. I contemplated never speaking to them again. ;)
  2. I like to sing, a lot. Usually when I’m by myself, in the shower, the car, cleaning. Though I’ve been known to belt out some Disney songs with my oldest. I love musicals, movie soundtracks have never failed me, and most pop songs.
  3. Driving is the worst. If I have the option of not driving I will always take it. When I was younger I told myself that I’d drive everywhere and love it. It’d be amazing. No one could stop me. Now I realize how tedious it can be. How awful most drivers are and how dangerous it really can be because of said drivers. Pass.
  4. I love sleeping with white noise. The fan on, anything. It helps me relax. Not sure how or why this started. I remember being young and one of the places my family and I lived at the walls were fairly thin. You could hear when everyone was talking in the living room. Not necessarily what they were saying but the sound of their voices booming through the walls. My parents were always up late watching TV or talking and I would fall asleep to that sound. I can fall asleep without noise but it’s much easier when there’s something on. Weird, I know.
  5. I despise wearing socks. Unless I really have to, I always choose not to. I grew up in Southern California where the weather is beautiful most of the time. Sandals and flats all day and you do not wear socks with those.

Anyone feel the same way about these. What’s a fun fact about you? Share in the comments.


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