9 months and beyond.

People like to label me an overprotective mother. Some friends, family, even my husband at times, think that I should relax a bit when it comes to letting my kids, and more specifically my oldest, go places with out me. I’ll admit that if I could keep them in a bubble, snuggled up by protection, for the rest of their lives, I would. They are my everything, an extension of my husband and I. No one ever wants to think about something happening to their children and as a mother, as their parent, it is my job to ensure their safety and well being.

Maybe I should take it back further then this. I carried each of my babies for nine months. Nine scary, overwhelming, exciting months. I watched my belly grow as they did the same inside my womb. I spoke to them, sang them lullabies, promised to always love them. I giggled as they wiggled around, just me and each of my babies. I cried late at night when my blood sugar wasn’t perfect, I was my worst critic, I bruised from the countless blood drawls and poked my fingers raw for blood sugar checks. I have the scars from pump sites gone wrong. I’m the one who had to eat properly and drink enough water and didn’t forget to do this or that. It was me. So forgive me if, yes, I am a bit selfish with them, if I am a bit overprotective when it comes to where they are going and who they are with. That is any parents mentality but especially a woman with diabetes. I have been trained from the start that it is my duty to keep them happy, healthy, and safe inside and out of the womb.

One day my oldest may hate me for questioning everything, needing everyone’s number before she heads out, calling to make sure she is where she said she would be. But I don’t think this is a crime, I don’t think I am a horrible person, and I would hope that people would understand why I feel this way.

I suppose that is where this post is coming from. I am completely upset by the assumption that I should be okay with people taking my kids wherever they please. I didn’t work so very diligently for nine months and beyond to just hand them over to anyone.

Maybe this makes me a bit neurotic. I can’t help feeling the way that I do.Of course lets be reasonable I have let my daughter go places with out me and I have done so by trusting that the person watching her will treat her as though she were their own. With the same kind of care and love her father and I show her. Some have come through and kept my trust in them intact and others have not.

You can agree, or disagree, with how I raise my children but until you’ve had your own or until you’ve had to care long term for these tiny little humans it shouldn’t be up for debate.

My babies are my world and I intend to keep them whole.

Beginning and end of story.

What are your thoughts on this topic? As a parent or caregiver do you agree or disagree with my viewpoint? Or even if you don’t have children, how do you feel about this?

I’m interested in hearing from you all.