Vacationing with diabetes.

As I plan itineraries and sight seeing for our trip to Florida in a few months I can’t help but think about how stressful it could end up being because despite my pleading and begging diabetes has decided to tag along for my first family vacation.

I asked nicely.

I’ve even been babying it in hopes that it might let me slide this one time but my hopes were shattered when diabetes decided that I couldn’t escape it’s grimy, disgusting grip on my life.

So included in my planning for all the exciting events I have to also plan for diabetes. I have to make sure I bring with me enough supplies and game plan for anything that may go wrong.

Here’s a quick list of things I will need:

  1. Insulin.
  2. At least three pods, not including one that I’ll be wearing. (I’ll be away from home for a total of four days) Pods can be fickle little beasts sometimes.
  3. Test strips and my meter.
  4. Triple A batteries for my PDM which controls the whole pump/insulin system. With out that I couldn’t bolus.
  5. An extra Dexcom just in case mine craps out.
  6. Syringes. Because pods could die and then what would I do.
  7. Charger for my Dexcom.
  8. Water and snacks for low blood sugars.
  9. Locating pharmacies in case of extreme emergency.

Truthfully I have to have back up plans for my back up plans. You never know what could happen. Because the thing about diabetes is that if you don’t have an idea of what to do in an emergency, or if you miss even the tiniest detail in planning, you could be screwed. Just in case is something I mumble a lot to myself even when I’m not going on vacation. Just walking out the door to the grocery store gets a plan A,B and C. “Well, I should bring this/do this just in case…” I can’t leave things up to chance. I can’t afford to blow caution to the wind because my life literally depends on it. That;s a scary thought, am I right?

It’s frustrating but manageable. It’s annoying and tedious but I can do it. I just wish I didn’t have to. I wish I could go on our vacation with little to worry about.

I plan on having a magnificent time despite certain hassles, I plan on enjoying myself fully. Because not even diabetes will ruin my vacation! I just have to be sure to plan accordingly.

Have you been on long vacations with diabetes tagging along?How did you manage and what are your tips for traveling?


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