Five truths about motherhood from my perspective.

1. It’s difficult: I know. I went there and said it. It’s a beautiful blessing but it can be stressful. When your newborn cries all night no matter what you do. When your seven year old is sick and can’t sleep. When you worry about your parenting skills and hope to the heavens you’re doing this right. It’s all so difficult. Not something I’d give up but I’m allowed to wish things were a little easier sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.

2. You’ll fall in love: As a mother, no matter what, you’re going to fall so deep in love with these little people in your life. The sticky, crying, kissable little people you’ve created will steal your heart. After having my first and giving her every drop of love I could muster I thought for sure I’d never be able to love another person so much. And then I had my son and somehow my heart grew ten times bigger and I fell in love with him, too. My heart overflows for these two kids. It’s an amazing, incredibly breathtaking, experience. That’s the only way to explain it.

3. You’re going to be exhausted: People told me lies. I’m here to tell you the truth. Those long sleepless nights with your newborn don’t go away. They are fewer and far between but they’re still there. At 3 am when your toddler has a tummy ache, when your seven year old has a nightmare, you will be right there. Wide awake. While they sleep, toss and turn, or are puking up their guts… You’ll be there. Every cough will startle you awake. Jolt you from the deepest slumber. For the rest of your life as a parent. That’s the truth. But it’s okay because it shows you care. That’s how much you love your kids that you’re willing to go nights without sleep and then juggle the world the next day. The good part is you won’t remember how exhausted you were when you look back. You’ll just remember all the sweet moments.

4. It’s expensive: I know that’s a give in but lemme tell ya…I didn’t realize how expensive. Between diapers, formula, and everything in between you’d need quite a few bucks in the back. And they don’t get cheaper as they grow. They’ll wanna play sports or they’ll decide they want to be an artist so you’ll need all those supplies. On the other side of that coin is the pride and joy you’ll feel when you’re cheering them on after kicking the winning goal. The excitement that runs through you when you’re showing off their latest art piece. It’s what makes spending your last dime on them worth it.

5. It’s all worth it: Despite the mixture of emotions I’ve displayed here I can say with my whole heart that I wouldn’t give up a second of this crazy, beautiful, exhausting thing called motherhood. I just wouldn’t. My life wouldn’t be the same without my children. They’ve taught me so many things in just the short time they’ve been in my life. Patience, unconditional love, patience… Yeah you’ll need a lot of that, and most importantly appreciation. An appreciation of all the tiny moments. The laughs and giggles, the smiles, and all the hugs.


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