Tasty Thursday

Ladies and gentlemen this Tasty Thursday segment is brought to you by Influenster and Reese’s peanut butter chocolate spreads…

I admit that I don’t post much about foods. Being a type one diabetic I can say that my relationship with food can be a rocky one sometimes. I rarely find treats that I consider bolus worthy but when I do I hold on tight.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a new product compliments of influenster:



Reese’s peanut butter chocolate spreads. That’s fun to say ten times fast. Now, I’ve tried other spreads before and thought they were decent. This one however combines my love of chocolate and peanut butter. How could a girl resist. Especially since it’s only 21 carbs for 2 tablespoons. That ratio might seem a bit outrageous but for just a little tasty snack before or after dinner it is actually plenty. On one piece of toast I only used maybe one tablespoon. Same goes for everything else I’ve enjoyed with this spread. Truly, a little goes a long way.

Enough about the numbers. Let’s talk taste. Yum. It’s everything you could hope for in one 13 ounce jar. (Sorry, I did say no more numbers, right!?) It’s like eating Reese’s peanut butter cups. Only not? I’ve tried it on apples, pretzels, and toast. All amazing. Of course my husband loves it too. In fact he’s the one who suggested it be a morning treat on toast.


I have to say that overall it’s worth the cost, around the three dollar mark, and worth the carb intake. I can’t get enough. It’s delicious. Don’t take my word for it though try it yourself. I bet you’d agree.

If you’ve tried it before what have you paired with it?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own and I was paid in no way for them.


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