Raising girls and boys.

For a very long time I only had to worry about raising one kiddo. My daughter. I wasn’t intimidated by raising a girl, I know all about them, because I happen to be one.

I knew from the word go that I wanted to teach her independence because support from others is wonderful but sometimes you have to dig deep within and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. I wanted to teach her strength because there will be days where you will feel defeated, for whatever reason, and just want to give up but with strength you’ll be able to find a little extra something inside of you that will keep you moving forward. I wanted to show her through my example that sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way you’d think or hope but that shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams and achieving goals. You can be whatever or whoever you want despite obstacles with so much hard work. And speaking of hard work, I wanted to teach her that you will feel such pride when you accomplish something with hard work and a positive attitude.

Overall I want to teach her through our everyday life that people, as well as yourself, deserve love and respect. It’s okay to trust people so long as you are alert and aware that not everyone is nice. Be you and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t ever, ever, change who you are for someone because anyone that doesn’t accept the beautiful person you are doesn’t deserve to be in your life. The same goes for how we treat others.

These, and so many more, are lessons I want to be instilled in her soul.

When I found out I was having a boy I wondered what I would teach him. What lessons am I supposed to instill in him? But other than the obvious differences between the two nothing changes. I want them both to be helpful, honest, wonderful people. Beams of light in a sometimes murky world.

I won’t know how I’ve done until they’re a bit older but I can see such potential in my oldest. Her heart is filled with so much love. I hope my son follows suit.

What are some important lessons you’re instilling in your children?


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