Happy Holidays

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone already?

I can’t. I have to say though I’m kind of happy it’s over. This year was a little more than hectic. With the new baby and all the normal festivities I found myself getting very stressed out. I wasn’t able to really get into the spirit of Christmas because I was trying to make sure everything was perfect. I’m realizing that things are not going to be perfect.

It’s just not possible.

With that said I did have a lovely time overall. Santa came again this year and made a very good little girl happy. Cookies were baked, memories were made, and I am still here with sanity intact. It’s a miracle.

Thinking ahead to the new year, which is just around the corner, I am hoping for so many things. That my children continue to be healthy and happy, that my diabetes remains a tedious but silent monster that I can continue to tame, that my husband and I continue to love and flourish together as a couple, and that even more amazing memories are made.

2014 was jam packed with such happiness. I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be even better. I hope it is for you as well.

Don’t forget to wear your smiles and Happy New Year!


Nap time.

I forgot how much I loved nap time. When you’re a kid and they are something you have to do you hate them. Then you get older and you start to appreciate a good nap here and there. You snooze for a bit before work or between classes at college. As a parent you find another reason to love and appreciate nap time. It’s a brief moment you get to spend doing whatever it is you have/need to do during the day. Your kids are asleep and you are free, for the most part, to have a cup of coffee. Use the restroom by yourself. Do the laundry in peace. Yes, even doing house hold chores with out a little one distracting you can be bliss.

My oldest has passed that precious napping stage but has moved on to an even better phase. The big helper phase. She will help me sort and fold laundry. She helps me make up the grocery list. She’ll even pick up other peoples messes. She’s amazing. Now that I have a second little one I am remembering how much I love nap time again.

My little man, who is almost two months now, is a snuggle bug. He likes to be in my arms constantly. He feeds every 2-3 hours and then just wants to coo and cuddle. I love it. Except when I have to get a million things done, like shower, eat, change my pod, calibrate my dexcom, and do things around the house. My big helper can only handle so much so I am left balancing what is important, what really needs to get done, and what isn’t so important. Tough decisions need to be made. Sometimes the laundry is not going to get done in a timely fashion and sometimes we’ll be eating leftovers.

None of that truly matters.

What matters is sometimes I get to choose whatever I want to do because my little one is napping. Once in a while I decide to really live life on the edge and I’ll take a nap too. :)

Life after pregnancy is an interesting time. It’s quite the balancing act. The nice part is that I don’t have to impress anyone, I can move at my own pace, and I can choose to do the laundry or not do the laundry. All that matters is that my kids are happy and healthy. And that I am as well.

On that note I’ll be taking off now. Nap time is almost over…

Hello December

I blinked and with a flash November was gone.

In my defense I have been snuggling with an adorable newborn and taking care of my little family. It has been a very hectic but beautiful time.

I thought I would finally share my sons birth story. There isn’t a whole lot to tell truthfully. On Sunday the 2nd of November I was feeling very off. My little guy wasn’t moving very much and I was having some numbness and aches in my stomach. Not quite contractions but still very uncomfortable. I called my OB’s office and spoke to the doctor on call. She suggested that with me being a type one diabetic I come into labor and delivery and get checked out. I phoned my husband who was at work and gathered myself and my six year old up and off we went to the hospital.

There they hooked me up and began monitoring me and the little man. Turns out I had ketones and was severely dehydrated. Blood pressure was fine, blood sugar was stable, and my son was starting to wake up after they made me chug a bunch of water. They checked to see if I was dilating and I was but not enough to be kept. So, after about two hours or so, they sent me home. I was 37 weeks 1 day and very disappointed.

The rest of that day/evening was spent napping and eating. Monday morning came and I had a NST (non-stress test) with my high risk OB. I woke up, ate breakfast, chugged some water, and made my way over to the office. Still feeling off and very tired despite the hours of sleep I had gotten. Again my little one was being very sleepy and not moving very much. No one seemed very concerned though. Blood pressure was fine. Blood sugar had been great, maybe lower than I would have liked, but not bad. I reminded them about the previous day and having to go in for decreased movement but still they sent me home to relax.

My husband took the day off just in case anything happened. We hung around the house and continued our normal routine. I showered, napped, and hoped everything was alright with baby. Occasionally I would feel a kick here or there but nothing close to normal.

Around ten o’clock I woke up feeling very icky. I was cramping but nothing consistent and I could feel so much pressure. Around eleven o’clock my husband was timing up the contractions and I was convincing myself that this was probably false labor. I tried to rest but suddenly I was in excruciating pain. Around one in the morning my husband was waking my daughter, grabbing our go bag, and guiding me towards the car.

We were on our way. And so was my son.

The drive there was a blur, my husband speed raced to the hospital while my daughter encouraged me to breathe. When we got there we signed in and they checked to see if I was actually in active labor. I was. By the time I got into the labor and delivery room I was dilated to a five and things progressed fast. Around three in the morning I had finally gotten my epidural. I was dilated to a seven by this point. I didn’t even get a chance to relax after that because before I knew it the doctor was there telling me to push. At 4:59 am on Tuesday, November 4th, my little guy was in my arms. Screaming. Healthy. No low blood sugar. It was amazing.

I was 37 weeks 3 days.

The best part was that I was able to maintain and monitor my own diabetes. I kept my pump and dexcom on. I let them know what my numbers were and they let me do what I had to do. The whole thing couldn’t have gone any better. I stood in the hospital til Thursday evening and then made my way home with all my family.

Here we are now almost a month later and I am so in love. The nights have been long and tiring with his constant feedings but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My daughter has taken her big sister role very seriously and helps me so much. The honeymoon phase after birth was fantastic but I am back to tweaking stuff here and there to maintain good numbers. My A1C through this pregnancy was a 6.2 and lower and there were zero complications. It was quite a journey but one I am happy I took.

To other diabetic women reading this who are considering children..don’t be afraid. It can be done and the outcome can be a happy, healthy experience.

I can’t help but smile. I hope you find a reason to as well.