In the wild.

“Oh, my wife’s a type one diabetic!”

My husband has said this phrase more times than I can truly count. He has come in contact with so many diabetics through work, or just being out and about, and it is so amazing. The problem is that I haven’t met a single one. Not in person anyway. All my interactions with diabetics has been strictly online. Which I won’t complain about because I have met some wonderful people through this outlet. I just wish I knew more in real life.

I had one friend in college who was a type one on an insulin pump. We became friends fast but while I was curious about how she managed this tedious disease she was dealing with that dreaded burn out and wanted absolutely nothing to do with diabetes and all that it entailed.

Other than that there aren’t many that I have come across and truthfully it can be a bit depressing sometimes.

This past weekend changed that for me. My brother in law was getting married and his beautiful new wife has a best friend who just so happens to be a type one diabetic. My husband found this out through conversation and just had to let me know. I wanted so badly to run over an ask her about it but I felt awkward. What if she didn’t want everyone to know. What if me walking up to her and asking made her feel self conscious. I kept thinking about how I would feel. Right when I had decided that maybe it wouldn’t be the best thing to do I see her making her way towards me. She sat right down and just started chatting away with me about insulin pumps, and CGM’s. It was the coolest thing.

I introduced her to the Dexcom system and spoke with her about why I loved the Omnipod. She talked about the pros and cons of being on Medtronic. We discussed how we’ve gone about teaching our little ones about this disease and just the day to day of living with diabetes. Being able to connect with someone about something so personal was the best feeling in the world. It makes me want to meet my online diabetic friends even more now. There is only so much my husband gets, but to be able to say so much with only a few words and have the other person instantly know what I mean, well, it’s awesome.

I’m not expecting the two of us to be life long buddies. (Though we are friends on Facebook now) It was just so nice being able to talk with someone else about this whole other side of me and have them understand completely. It was priceless.

On the baby front everything is continuing to go smoothly. Insulin resistance is real and it has hit hard. I am struggling a bit with it but as long as I keep on fighting I know I can overcome it.

I am currently 35 weeks and 5 days along. His growth scan from this morning weighs my little guy in at 7 pounds. I was shocked. He is in the 94th percentile and while my diabetic specialist doesn’t seem too concerned I can’t help but worry. There is so much up in the air at the moment that I am left feeling very overwhelmed.

They don’t think I will make it past 37 weeks and I am okay with that. We are discussing C-sections and what not. My doctor is still leaning towards a normal delivery and what not so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

Other than that my maternity leave starts this weekend. I have my last shift tomorrow and then it’s “relaxing” time. Easier said than done though. Every time I think I have everything in order I find something else to add to my list. I can’t help it. I like to be ahead of the game when I can be.

How are all my other pregnant mamas out there? Let me know how things are going in your neck of the woods. And don’t forget to keep wearing those smiles. :)


Freaky Friday.

Here’s a Friday Fives coming at you this morning. Enjoy!

  1. Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks along in this pregnancy. I see my team of doctors every Monday and Thursday. The non-stress tests are fun because I get to listen to my little guys heartbeat and you can hear whenever he moves, too. The comfy leather couches in the office aren’t bad either. Makes me want a couple of leather loungers for the house. They would have made relaxing during this pregnancy a bit easier, I think. Thursday is ultrasound day and that is even better because I actually get to see my chubby little guy on screen. Yesterday was a blast. He was so sleepy and not wanting to cooperate with the ultrasound tech so she gave him a little wake up call with this buzzer thing she placed on my belly. All of a sudden he jolts up and punches me right in the stomach. (Could you blame him?) Then you could see him start turning, and stretching. He started smacking his lips together and yawning. It was precious. Here’s a picture.

    Pouting his lips and yawning.

  2. I started getting my hospital bag together. I have clothes for me and baby. Two outfits for him, newborn and 0-3 sizes, just because I don’t know how much he will be weighing at birth. The only things I need now are some travel sized toiletries and a few things that I use daily so I can’t add them just yet. I’m feeling very accomplished though. I am hoping to get to do the maternity, labor and delivery, tour soon. We went Wednesday but weren’t able to find anyone who could show us around. I was bummed but we’ll try again this Wednesday. It’s not super important but I would like to know where to go and what the rooms will look like.
  3. The months are starting to get hectic. I have loads of appointments but most importantly my brother in law is getting married in a few weeks. There is a lot of planning on every ones part to get stuff done and situated for the big day. Especially since my husband is the best man and the little one gets to be one of the flower girls. Next month is my daughters seventh birthday. I am feeling slightly stressed out about it because I will be having a baby and trying to plan some epic festivities for her and some of her friends. Then the holidays and all the planning that those entail. I am just so ready for a vacation. :)
  4. With pregnancy comes a lot of symptoms. My number one annoyance is the back pain. I started using a maternity belt though and I have to say it has helped out a ton so far. I was iffy about it at first. Tried it a few times here and there but then finally buckled down and gave it a real go and it has just been great. I worked without it the other day and could totally feel a difference. I would recommend it to any pregnant mama who is having to stand a lot. Or move around a ton. Really I would say just try it even if you are at home. I got mine from Babies R Us and it was around thirty dollars. Not bad for what it has done for me.
  5. As far as my diabetes goes everything is great. I haven’t needed to make any adjustments on insulin dosages. Though my specialist warns that towards the end of this pregnancy, so very soon here, I might need to make a few changes here and there. She’s set up blood work for me because she is curious as to what my A1c will be. My last one was in the mid sixes, in February, and that was because I had just started the pump. She thinks I’ll be in the fives. At first she wasn’t concerned with checking my A1c because the daily numbers gave her a better picture of my diabetes management but since I am doing so well she thought I’d like to know where I was in that aspect. She’s right. Someone had posted somewhere that your A1c is kind of like a report card. I’m curious to see what it could be.
  6. BONUS: I forgot to mention that we are also getting ready for Halloween around here. Going to head out and get decorations soon. I already bought my daughter her costume. She will be going as Elsa. Like most little girls this season I’m sure. I expect to be enveloped in a sea of blue ice queens come Halloween night. My husband and I hunted store to store to find one and finally did. They have been sold out for quite some time now. I was so happy because I know it’s what she really wanted. Her expression was priceless when we showed her. I wish we would have gotten it on camera.

I hope October is treating you well.

Many thanks for stopping by and as always..Don’t forget to smile.