Bright Life Go: Product Review.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in life. There is such magic going on inside my body. I mean I’m growing a tiny little human. I beam every time I feel a kick, a jab, or even a barrel roll. It’s amazing. The not so amazing part this trimester is the swelling. I work about 4 to 8 hours on my feet. There is no sitting or relaxing either. By the time I get home my poor feet/legs are screaming. Now, before pregnancy I dealt with light swelling every once in awhile due to my diabetes. Sometimes when the weather was hot and my blood sugars were a bit out of whack you can bet that my legs would cramp and swell slightly.

It didn’t last long though.

Usually a nice bath, or even a stroll through the neighborhood, would be a nice fix. Right now, in my pregnant state, nothing is working. My husband suggested I look into compression socks. Honestly, I’d never even heard of these things. I assumed he meant those lovely diabetic socks that everyone is always trying to shove down my throat. I’m sorry, I have yet to find comfy, stylish, diabetes socks that help at all. So when my husband started researching these special socks I’ll admit that I scoffed at the idea.

Even if I found some that I, maybe, sort of liked…How expensive would they be?

After loads of complaining and groaning on my twitter account about how miserable I have been, I was contacted by a company called Bright Life Go. They offered me a few products of my choice to test out and I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to walk anywhere. I’m either in bed or propped up on the couch with my legs/feet up praying the swelling subsides. I was willing to give anything a try.

Thanks to a very helpful chat with a lovely woman named Brita I picked out my items and waited patiently by the mailbox. I was eager to see if these would really work. The website, Bright Life Go, had so many products I was interested in. What really caught my eye was the maternity section. The brand is labeled Preggers and they had everything from knee high socks to leggings. Yes, that’s exactly what I got.

Knee high dress socks and a pair of leggings.

Because who doesn’t love a spectacular pair of leggings?


Let me start by saying these compression socks are so incredibly comfortable. Inside the packaging was directions on how to put them on and also some flower seeds to plant which I thought was such an adorable idea. My daughter and I will be planting these this weekend. The first pair shown are the knee high socks. The first time I wore them was to work. I figured if anything was going to show me just how spectacular these were it’d be making it through a shift.

I started the night off swollen but by the time I got home my feet were back to normal. It was amazing. I’ve washed and worn them every day since. No lie. Next I had to try the leggings. Those are featured in the last picture. I liked them a lot. Be warned: the first time wearing them can be a struggle. With my swollen legs and pregnant belly in the way I got quite the workout putting them on. Once I did I was in heaven. You could just feel the relief.


These come in different colors/styles.


Leggings come in different colors! I chose black.

I have to admit they have worked just as well as the website boasts. I would recommend these to all pregnant ladies, and even diabetics. After wearing these my legs/feet were like new again. I wear the leggings out and no one even knows they are serving a purpose. If I have to wear these for the rest of my pregnancy I will. The cool part is they are not only stylish, my daughter asked if I could buy her cute tights like mine, but they are also very affordable. Which for me, having a baby on the way, is always a plus. I plan on buying a few more products from this company.

If you struggle with any kind of swelling think about giving these a try.

I loved them.

(Side note: I received these products free of charge to try by Bright Life Go. I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are my very own) 


9 thoughts on “Bright Life Go: Product Review.

  1. Oh fantastic! I’m so glad you found something. I wish I knew about them with my first pregnancy. I’m just happy your happier and the swelling has gone down. I know how uncomfortable it can be and how it can restrict your day to day movement almost.
    Great review, love and hugs xxx

    • Yes, I wish I had known about them during my first pregnancy as well. Thankful to have found them now though. Everything has been going really well and I am just so happy to be close to the finish line. How has everything been with you and your little family?

  2. I wish I had known about these when I was pregnant with Baby Imp! I was swelling so bad! I couldn’t even curl up my toes anymore by the time I hit week 20, no matter how long I stayed in bed with my feet elevated.

  3. Wow!!!! Thanks for the heads up on this website!!! I’ve worn compression socks for yes, only the medical ugly beige ones, so I’m excited to find new colors and patterns available!!! And I’m not even pregnant!!! lol!! Thanks so much!! Hope u don’t mind if I stop reading for a moment but only to buy a new pair of cute compression socks!!!! hugs!!!!

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