Life Updates.


It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted in awhile.

I have been so caught up with taking care of my daily diabetes needs through out this pregnancy, plus trying to make this a super fun Summer for the little one, while working, trying to spend time with my husband, and trying to maintain my sanity..well, that doesn’t leave much room for social media and blogging.

Here I am though. Letting you know that I am alive and well.

I am currently 22 weeks and 2 days along and feeling every little tumble and kick this little guy is throwing my way. I have a fetal echo scan on the 24th of this month to make sure that he is continuing to grow on target. So far I am feeling great. A little exhausted after working all weekend but great none the less. The only thing I can complain about during this trimester is the swelling. I have hit that wall and I have hit it hard. I will get home from being on my feet all day and I won’t even recognize my legs. They are puffy, swollen, masses. My feet are screaming to be put up. It’s terrible.

Water is my friend and lots of it.

My numbers have been amazing though. I don’t want to speak too soon but I have yet to hit the dreaded insulin resistance stage. In fact my insulin needs haven’t changed much at all. I went from not needing much to being back on my normal regimen from before I was pregnant. Can’t complain about that, right?

Everything is going as smooth as possible and I am so very thankful.

It’s nice that I have quite the helper by my side. A little endocrinologist in training. My daughter asks a lot of questions but the best part is that she soaks it all in. She knows more about this disease than most adults do. She’ll check my dexcom for me when I am busy running around the house. She’ll bring me granola bars in the morning when my blood sugar is getting low. This all makes me happy and a bit sad to be honest. She is so hypersensitive and always aware of me and my needs. Checking on me often to make sure that my diabetes is okay. I feel bad because I am the mommy. My job is to take care of her not the other way around. She announced that when the baby comes she plans on teaching him all that she knows about diabetes.

Then I’ll have two helpers.

Her sweet words make me tear up. It reminds me that my every day struggles/triumphs with this disease don’t just affect me, they affect her, they’ll affect my son. Even more reason to continue to be on top of diabetes showing it who’s boss. :)


Smile, friends. I know you’ll find a reason to.



6 thoughts on “Life Updates.

  1. Yay! I was waiting to hear an update from you! Your daughter sounds so sweet! I’m sorry about the swelling, though. Are you on your feet a lot at work? I haven’t experienced that but I’m sitting at a computer most of the day. I’m still waiting on the insulin resistance to kick in too…I thought for sure it would have hit by now, but I’m loving that it hasn’t! Thanks for the update!

    • Yes, I work guest services at Target and I’m standing the whole shift. It’s not fun for my feet and legs currently. Haha. I hope the insulin resistance stays away. I’ll cross my fingers for the both of us. :)

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