The results are in.

It’s been quite an emotional roller coaster for me these past few weeks.

In the first trimester mothers are given a Nuchal Translucency test which is defined as: This prenatal test (also called the NT ) can help your healthcare practitioner assess your baby’s risk of having Down syndrome (DS) and some other chromosomal abnormalities as well as major congenital heart problems. The NT test is not invasive. 

I took the test which required a few drops of blood from my fingertip and then an ultrasound. I waited impatiently for about a week and a half to get the results back. I was worried. Would my baby be at risk for down syndrome because of me? Because of my diabetes? Would it be my fault? The love I would have for him or her would overflow but the guilt I would harbor for possibly doing this to him or her would haunt me.

Finally I received a phone call. My results before the test for baby bean to have down syndrome was 1 in 800 and something. After the test it went down to 1 in 105. I panicked. In my eyes my baby would be perfect but to others my diabetes would be to blame. They’d question what I did wrong. Maybe I’d question myself too. Could I have done more?

My husband did his best to assure me that everything would be fine. Not to worry. But that did little to help. My diabetic specialist encouraged me to take the MaterniT21 test. A non-invasive test that required blood work. I agreed because what else could I do. She said that because of my diabetes we had to know there would be possibilities for this and the best we could do was monitor the situation. I cried even more. I prayed, a lot.

Oh and in case you’ve never heard of the MaterniT21 test here’s a brief definition: MaterniT21™ PLUS is a new test that offers women an alternative to traditional Down syndrome screening methods during pregnancy. Unlike amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling (CVS), which are invasive tests, MaterniT21™ PLUS is a simple blood test that is non-invasive to you and your baby. The testing can detect Down syndrome and other chromosome abnormalities, including trisomy 18, 13 and sex chromosome abnormalities. It has a higher detection rate and a lower false positive rate than first trimester screening, which is the most common non-invasive screening test in pregnancy today.

They informed me that the results would take up to two weeks but they would call me no matter what. I played the waiting game again. This time without much worry. Because at the end of the day I reminded myself that it didn’t really matter. Whatever the results we would get through it as a family, with love in our hearts, and accept whatever life decided to hand us. I know for a fact I am doing my very best to keep diabetes in check. Sometimes there isn’t much else we can do.

On Monday the 2nd I received the phone call. My heart pounded a bit in my ears as the doctor asked for me by name. She said that the blood work came back negative! Baby bean was healthy, growing properly, and had no signs of abnormalities. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Let me make it clear though. Down syndrome or not this baby would be loved. Any sort of “abnormality” would make no difference in the joy this baby would bring our family. What bothered me was that I would be blamed for it. My diabetes. The doctors feel like they have to place the blame somewhere and the mother is always the number one suspect. I ache over my blood sugar numbers and cry when they aren’t in range. I would feel like an awful person if I were the cause of anything that harmed my baby. Thankfully, everything is going great and I pray it continues so.

I thanked her for calling and then she surprised me with more news..

The test looks at the chromosomes so it can also tell the sex of the baby. She asked if I wanted to know and before she could even finish the sentence I blurted out..YES! Yes, I want to know…

I thought I would share that with you today..


I asked my darling girl to help me spread the news. :)

We are thrilled.

Everyone who guessed boy was right.

Except me, I thought for sure it was another princess.


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