15 weeks!

I feel like just yesterday I was announcing my pregnancy and now here I am sitting at 15 weeks. Things have been going swimmingly I think. I am starting to feel little flutters here and there. Sometimes it feels like the baby is doing barrel rolls or something. Such a fun experience. Wanna know what’s not fun? The allergies that sprang up out of no where and have caused me to have swollen, itchy eyes, and a sneeze that just wont quit.

It’s lovely. :)

Also, I have noticed a ton more lows than normal. In the first trimester I was struggling to keep food down, my numbers were steady but got a little crazy at times. Now all I am is low, low, low. It’s insane. I am struggling to eat enough food to keep my blood sugars up some times. Yesterday at work was the worst. I sat around the 60’s, even dipped lower than that, it was a mess. That’s after I had a grilled cheese, sugary iced tea, AND orange juice.

I got home around 9:30 and was still low. I ended up eating more food, juice, and even a few pieces of candy and finally got my blood sugar up to 150 which I felt comfortable with. I needed to sleep. I woke up this morning at 80. I’m wondering if my insulin pump settings are too aggressive for this stage of my pregnancy. I may have to speak with my doctor about the excessive lows. They make life just as difficult as the high numbers.

There’s also a debate on whether the lows or highs are worst for the baby’s development. A few ladies in the forums that I wander around say the highs are worst for baby and the lows are just draining for the mama. A discussion I might bring up at my next appointment because now I am curious too.

I have an appointment with my diabetes specialist on the ninth and I am anxious about the whole thing. I may or may not be getting an ultrasound done that day which means I may or may not find out whether my peanut is a boy or girl..eeek. We also need to discuss some blood work that was done a few weeks back which would tell me if the baby has any chromosomal abnormalities. This baby will be loved no matter what the out come but that doesn’t mean the stress isn’t building up some. There’s so much riding on great blood sugar numbers, and control of this disease, that sometimes I just want to cry.

Sticking with the positive and hoping for the best though.

In other news my sweet little girl is on summer break now and that is awesome. It means sleeping in and fun days are ahead. I can’t believe she’s going to be a first grader though. Tear.

Overall things are going very well. Minor hiccups but nothing that can’t be overcome with a smile and a positive attitude.

So don’t forget to smile, there’s always a reason to. Really. :)

Here’s a belly shot for ya. Don’t mind the tags on the shirt I was trying on my maternity clothes. Which by the way are such a great investment. I have never been more comfortable.


9 thoughts on “15 weeks!

  1. Oh wow I can’t believe it week 15 already. Time is flying by so quickly. I totally understand the constant lows. Its so hard and you end up just shovelling food into your mouth. Everything is backwards when your pregnant. For me Mangoes which usually sky rocket my sugar would have zero effect on me. Crazy! Have you noticed this with any foods you eat? BTW there are a few reasons why highs are worse. Highs are worse because it can effect the size of the baby,glucose from mother crosses the placental barrier therefore baby overcompensates and produces a lot of insulin which causes them to have lower blood sugar when born. There are other things but this is turning into an essay now lol. Definitely a great question for the doc.
    You look great and your doing a great job xxx

  2. SQUEE! You’re pregnant too!? Gosh I feel so far behind on blog-world. (Also – I’m wearing that exact same tank top today. Target?) But yeah – still relying heavily on my Dex to counter the bottoming out post meals.

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m so jealous you are feeling flutters already! I’ve heard second time moms can feel them sooner/or know what they feel like…I’m going to be 19 weeks on Saturday and I haven’t felt anything yet…it all just feels like gas to me :-P

    Love the belly pic…where are you getting your maternity clothes from?! I haven’t bought any yet but I need to bad!!

    • The first time around I couldn’t feel much either. Not till about past the halfway point. I started feeling those “gas bubbles” way earlier this time and just knew it was baby. You’ll get there soon. The best is when the hiccup and your whole stomach shakes. I’m waiting for that. :)

      I got some maternity stuff from target and kohls. Great/cute stuff and not super expensive. Love the full panel jeans. They make life so much more comfortable.

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