#DBlogWeek: My Mantra.

So this was for yesterday. It appears I am behind but still floating.

Day four of diabetes blog week was the 15th. Don’t know what Diabetes blog week is? Head on over to Karen’s blog at BitterSweetDiabetes. There you’ll find all you need to know plus the topics, participants, and entry lists.

Here’s The Prompt: Yesterday we opened up about how diabetes can bring us down. Today let’s share what gets us through a hard day.  Or more specifically, a hard diabetes day.  Is there something positive you tell yourself?  Are there mantras that you fall back on to get you through?  Is there something specific you do when your mood needs a boost?  Maybe we’ve done that and we can help others do it too? (Thanks to Meri of Our Diabetic Life for suggesting this topic.)

First and foremost I’d like to say that I think it is perfectly alright to admit that yes, we all have those days. Those diabetes days where we would rather stay in bed with the covers over our heads. Days where it all seems like too much.

To get me out of those funks I rely on my family a lot. My husband and my little girl are great at reminding me that it’s not so bad. I try very hard to be a positive and optimistic person. Whether that be in my relationships, work, or health. I like to look on the brighter side of things. When a day comes that I start to feel a bit down and depressed about any given thing I look at this quote.

I think it pertains a lot to diabetes and how I view my life with it. Everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow from situations. If all we did was look at the negative we’d miss out on all the good, all the beauty, all the happiness we could have.

Another simple thing I like to remind myself to do is SMILE. Always smile. When the days are long and tiresome, just smile. I end a lot of my posts with that line. Smile, there’s always a reason to. Because it’s true. I might have diabetes but I smile because I have the tools to care for myself. I smile because I have people who love me. I smile because even when my blood sugars stink, tomorrow is a new day and I plan on taking full advantage of that. I smile because sometimes that’s all you can do.

These are the things that help me climb out of those funks.

Bad days happen, they just don’t last long.


4 thoughts on “#DBlogWeek: My Mantra.

  1. “Everyday is an opportunity to learn and grow from situations.” Seeing each day that way has certainly helped me through many bad days. One should not underestimate the power of perspective!

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