Welcome to my life.


Because my Diabetic specialist for this pregnancy is not familiar with a Dexcom or Omnipod insulin pump I have to jot everything down for her. Old school. So every morning and before/after every meal I have to remember to write my numbers down. Quite tedious but necessary. You do what you have to do. I email these sheets to her weekly and she adjusts things if needed. It’s not terrible. Just tedious.


I woke up to a very needy Dexcom. He wanted to be charged, kept screaming that I was getting low, and of course he needed blood. Can’t even sleep in. Thanks, buddy.

So this is my life right now. It hasn’t changed much from my normal routine I suppose. Still surrounded by numbers, some “good” and some “not so good” but always working at bettering my health. Especially with the little bean growing.

I have appointments all next week so I’m relaxing while I can. Taking each day a moment at a time.

Hope you’re all well.
Smile, there’s always a reason to.



  1. Sorry you have to write down everything for the doc. Is it possible for you to use the Dexcom software to take screen shots of some of the more user-friendly (or WYSIWYG) reports? Then you could send that data via e-mail? Or print them for the doc? I dunno… that’s still not as simple as downloading everything, but writing down every single number sucks. Hope you’re feeling well though!

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