Positive thinking.

Diabetes can add complications to a lot of things. There are a ton of factors. The long term goal for each and every one of us is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels all while hoping and praying that the complications stay far away. When you throw pregnancy into the mix things can get very hectic. Speaking personally that is.

I would say if you throw anything into the mix with diabetes it can be a bit much. Diabetes is a selfish, undeniably annoying, disease that doesn’t tango well with others. In this case that other is this pregnancy.

Luckily for me, however, I’m showing diabetes who the boss is.

I had an ultrasound done today, along with a routine visit with the OBGYN, and they are impressed and overjoyed with how well things are going so far. Now, we’re still very early in this pregnancy but I believe in the early bird gets the worm..or you know, being proactive in my care. Let’s start now rather than later so we can ensure that everything goes well with this little peanut. My A1c was great! Liver is great! Numbers have been slightly lower than I would like but that might mean there is some basal tweaking in my future. The road to success starts here though and leaves me very hopeful for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Can I say that the ultrasound is just magical.

I remember feeling this way with my daughter. Amazed that something so incredible was happening right inside my womb. Now she is this wonderful, vibrant, creative little thing that has blessed my life. I know baby number two is going to be the very same. I am excited to meet him/her. The family is thrilled.

The “morning” sickness has still been ruining my life but that’s what happens I suppose. I have been prescribed a nausea medication that really works, when I remember to take it, and of course the prenatal regimen. Overall things are going well and I will continue to ask for healthy vibes from all of you through this pregnancy.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.

For now, I am signing off. Nap time is calling.

Smile, there’s always a reason to.



2 thoughts on “Positive thinking.

  1. Good luck with your pregnancy!
    PS this–> “Diabetes is a selfish, undeniably annoying, disease that doesn’t tango well with others.” = one of the best descriptions of diabetes that I have read (or heard).

  2. Diabetes is definitely a challenge and even more so during pregnancy. It is a test like no other. Staying positive and being proactive is the only way forwards. I’m glad the ultrasound went smoothly. It is the most amazing experience ever. What a blessing! The morning sickness really got me good this time round. Be patient and keep up the good work hun xxx

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