Welcome to my life.


Because my Diabetic specialist for this pregnancy is not familiar with a Dexcom or Omnipod insulin pump I have to jot everything down for her. Old school. So every morning and before/after every meal I have to remember to write my numbers down. Quite tedious but necessary. You do what you have to do. I email these sheets to her weekly and she adjusts things if needed. It’s not terrible. Just tedious.


I woke up to a very needy Dexcom. He wanted to be charged, kept screaming that I was getting low, and of course he needed blood. Can’t even sleep in. Thanks, buddy.

So this is my life right now. It hasn’t changed much from my normal routine I suppose. Still surrounded by numbers, some “good” and some “not so good” but always working at bettering my health. Especially with the little bean growing.

I have appointments all next week so I’m relaxing while I can. Taking each day a moment at a time.

Hope you’re all well.
Smile, there’s always a reason to.


Sleeping beauty.

I realized the other day that it had been quite some time since I last updated. I was feeling sort of guilty. Then it dawned on me, no news can be good news. There isn’t much going on truthfully. When I am not spending time with my little girl, I am trying to catch up on laundry and house cleaning, In between sleeping the days away I am also still working. There are also tons of appointments and scheduling conflicts. I am not sure how my sanity has remained in tack.

It helps, however, that the little one has been such a huge helper. She has taken on so much responsibility. She’ll clean her room without being nagged. She’ll straighten up the living room and even lets me cat nap while she plays quietly. My husband has been wonderful, too. When he isn’t at work, which is a lot of the time, he is grocery shopping, cleaning, and taking the little one to soccer practices. They have been amazing.

What’s not amazing? This first trimester for sure. I am just so tired. And nauseous. Everything makes me sick. A lot of things that I used to think had lovely scents just gross me out. I am thankfully coming up to the end and entering my second trimester very soon. Needless to say I just can’t wait for that.

I saw my diabetic specialist yesterday and she was very pleased with how well managed my blood sugars are. She praised my before and after meal numbers and encouraged me to keep at it. That was nice because I was starting to freak out a bit. A few times my numbers had been quite elevated. 200-300 range. Of course I acted quickly and got it back down but I cried because I thought, “This is it! I’ve damaged my baby!” I managed to admit that to the doctor who really set my fears at ease. She says that there are always highs and lows but it’s those consistent highs or lows that we need to worry about. If once in a while I spike because of miscalculations or I have a cold that I shouldn’t freak myself out. It’s okay.


Those words were just what I needed to hear.

Pregnancy is a worrisome time for every mother. Add diabetes and, well, I am just a constant ball of wreck. I just have to remember that I am human. Stuff happens. But if I continue doing what I need to do then there isn’t anything to fret about. I really want to enjoy this pregnancy. Enjoy preparing my little girl to be a big sister. Cherish all the time that I have before new baby comes. If I spent every waking moment afraid then I would just be miserable and that is not how I want to bring a baby into this world. Overall, I left the appointment feeling very confident in my diabetes management.

It’s a nice feeling.

In other news I am already craving things. This has been rather annoying.

For a bit it was chicken. I couldn’t get enough. Now, yuck. Currently it’s anything watermelon flavored, Mexican food, and I am also wanting a lot of fresh fruits and veggies which I can’t complain about. That’s a great craving.

I hope all of you are well. I am trying to be very present here in the Diabetes Online Community. I think once I fully wake up from this first trimester I will be around a lot more. :)

Smile, there’s always a reason to.

Positive thinking.

Diabetes can add complications to a lot of things. There are a ton of factors. The long term goal for each and every one of us is to maintain healthy blood sugar levels all while hoping and praying that the complications stay far away. When you throw pregnancy into the mix things can get very hectic. Speaking personally that is.

I would say if you throw anything into the mix with diabetes it can be a bit much. Diabetes is a selfish, undeniably annoying, disease that doesn’t tango well with others. In this case that other is this pregnancy.

Luckily for me, however, I’m showing diabetes who the boss is.

I had an ultrasound done today, along with a routine visit with the OBGYN, and they are impressed and overjoyed with how well things are going so far. Now, we’re still very early in this pregnancy but I believe in the early bird gets the worm..or you know, being proactive in my care. Let’s start now rather than later so we can ensure that everything goes well with this little peanut. My A1c was great! Liver is great! Numbers have been slightly lower than I would like but that might mean there is some basal tweaking in my future. The road to success starts here though and leaves me very hopeful for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Can I say that the ultrasound is just magical.

I remember feeling this way with my daughter. Amazed that something so incredible was happening right inside my womb. Now she is this wonderful, vibrant, creative little thing that has blessed my life. I know baby number two is going to be the very same. I am excited to meet him/her. The family is thrilled.

The “morning” sickness has still been ruining my life but that’s what happens I suppose. I have been prescribed a nausea medication that really works, when I remember to take it, and of course the prenatal regimen. Overall things are going well and I will continue to ask for healthy vibes from all of you through this pregnancy.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.

For now, I am signing off. Nap time is calling.

Smile, there’s always a reason to.


Just so you know..


It’s true.

You know what’s not awesome?

  1. Getting up super early when you could really use a few more minutes of sleep.
  2. Coffee but no coffee filters.
  3. Pod changes at 4 am are definitely not awesome.
  4. Having a Dexcom but still needing to do finger checks. Ugh.
  5. Low blood sugars at the grocery store.
  6. High blood sugars when all you want to do is sleep.
  7. Low blood sugars when all you want to do is sleep. (Interrupting my sleep is a trend, I see)
  8. Bad hair days.
  9. When someone erases your DVR’d show before you even got to watch it.
  10. Someone stealing your snack when you already did a bolus for it.

But to counteract’s some awesome stuff..

  1. Morning snuggles from your kids/pets/pillow.
  2. Waking up to breakfast hot and waiting for you. (Hint, hint husband)
  3. Actually getting to sit and relax with your significant other.
  4. Smiles from strangers.
  5. Hugs.
  6. Being able to make people laugh.
  7. Free stuff. C’ is awesome.
  8. When the barista gets the spelling of your name right.
  9. Long chats with your sister. (Insert favorite family know you have one) :)
  10. A blanket right out of the dryer.

Those are my thoughts for today. I hope Wednesday is treating you well.

Smile, there’s always a reason to.

Coffee dates..

There was a lovely post done by Allison over at Withfaithandgrace where she did a virtual coffee date.

What a neat and super sweet idea.

I thought I’d do one of my own.

Thanks for the idea, Allison. :)



If we were on a coffee date I’d share with you..

…That life has had my head spinning. Between working and keeping up with everyone’s busy schedules and appointments I haven’t had nearly enough time to take a breath. I am scatter brained beyond belief. My days off are all mushed together. I’m not even sure when or how I manage to get things done. Of course, I am thankful to have every little stressful moment though because they remind me of the wonderful stress free moments that do come around.

…We’d talk about how I hadn’t been feeling well for a while but I just blamed the diabetes monster that lurks around corners. I figured maybe it was a stomach bug that was going around but then I discovered I wasn’t sick at all.

I’m pregnant…I’ll pause here to let that soak in..

…This is where I would share my overwhelming excitement and fear for this pregnancy. My little girl is six so pregnancy was a very long time ago. I remember being nervous about everything. I was also very strict with my diabetes regimen back then. The doctors warned that there would be risks and complications so I mentally prepared myself for the worst. Surprisingly everything went well. No complications, no issues, nothing. She came out perfect and wonderful. My husband and I agreed that maybe we shouldn’t try for more babies, why mess with fate, because anything could have happened. Someone had other plans for this little family though because three pregnancy tests and a doctor can’t be wrong about this.

…I’d mention that I just recently heard my little beans heartbeat and how incredibly magical that was. I teared up.

…then I’d continue to rant and rant about how there is so much riding on perfect health right now. Perfect numbers, perfect insulin dosages, perfect everything, that I am left feeling sick to my stomach. (On top of the “morning” sickness that is) I feel like there isn’t room to be too excited because I have a mission and a goal. To ensure a happy, healthy baby is born without complications. Diabetes really is a monster and though I have lived with it for this long slightly unscathed now there is another human being that is coming along for the ride and until he/she is ready to come into this world my wrecked body is his/her home. I need everything to work the way it’s supposed to… That sort of stuff weighs heavy on a person.

…I’m hoping that this is where you would soothe my fears with some kind of advice or loving words of encouragement..

Aside from all that though I just keep thinking about how incredibly blessed we are to be expecting another little one. My daughter is thrilled to be a big sister soon and my husband and I have already been playing the name game. I just hope that everything goes just as well as the first time did if not better.

Be prepared, friends, for diabetic pregnancy rants. :)

Hello, April.

My April wishlist:

  1. I wish for beautiful weather and the opportunities to enjoy it.
  2. I wish for healthy, happy days to find me and you, too.
  3. I wish for days with lovely kite flying breezes.
  4. I wish for barbecues
  5. I wish for a lot of laughter and only tears of joy.
  6. I wish for wonderful memories made with family and friends.
  7. I wish for smiles.
  8. I wish for delicious ice cream to enjoy and wont spike my sugar.
  9. I wish for more time to blog.
  10. I wish for all of you to have an amazing month.

Things have been quiet around here and that’s perfectly fine with me. I have a feeling it’s going to get hectic very soon and I want to enjoy each and every second of peacefulness that I can.

Hope you are all well.

Smile, I know you’ll find a reason to.