Four years ago I had to say goodbye to a very important woman in my life.

My Mother.

This is an older picture, my favorite one of her.

This is the way I want to always remember her.

My Mother.

Dear Mom,

You’ve been gone awhile but I think of you all the time. Your smile, the way your laugh shook a room, your warm and comforting embrace. I miss you. The way you would hold me when I was upset. The smell of your perfume on Sunday mornings. The way you always knew just what to say when I needed encouragement…

We bumped heads quite a bit when I got older. That’s to be expected when a child decides to forge their own path, but I knew that when I needed advice on anything you were just a phone call away.

This is so tough. Having so much to say and knowing that you’ll never read this..

Addisen is growing up so fast and I wish you were here to see it. She loves to sing and dance. She plays sports now. She reads and writes and makes up the most amazing stories. She doesn’t really remember you, which makes me so sad, but I tell her about you all the time. About how you made the most spectacular Mexican food. About how the same tune I hum to her when she wants to cuddle is the same one you hummed to me when I was little. I show her pictures of you and she says you’re beautiful.

She does such awesome, funny, things and I wish I could tell you…

Mom, I wish you could have stayed longer. I wish I could hear your voice again.

I wish a lot of things had been different.

Time passes on whether we want it to or not but I’ll never forget you and the impact you had on my life.

I love you.

Love always,



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