Diabetes is like..


I saw this picture and loved it!!

It’s like that annoying little hum of a headache that wont go away.

It’s like that ex boyfriend/girlfriend that hangs around..just in case..you know the one.

It’s like that splinter in your finger that you try and try to remove but can’t. So you hope it just pops out on it’s own.

It’s like a paper cut. Enough said, right?

It’s like a bad hair day.

It’s like a rain cloud that hovers over you.

It’s like, well, it’s like the most frustrating thing ever.

But some days it’s also not so bad. Some days it’s a background noise. You know it’s there but it’s not overbearing. Some days the stars align just right and your blood sugar stays between the lines. You eat and there are no spikes, you bolus like a boss, your sugar never drops. Some days you get to go about things like a normal person. Yes, you’re still doing finger sticks, or injections, or whatever it is that you use and everything just seems to be going your way.

Those days really do outweigh the crummy ones.

Like the flower above..something tedious and annoying can make beautiful things. Like the friendships I’ve made through diabetes. Those connections make this disease slightly more bearable.

So like I always say..smile, you’ll find a reason to.


7 thoughts on “Diabetes is like..

  1. hannahscruggs says:

    Yep, I’d give anything for more of those background noise days, but I also wouldn’t give them up for the world. It makes you appreciate life just that much more.

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