A dream is a wish your heart makes..

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

–John Keats

My darling and I on an elephant!

We're the two cuties right up front. :)

We’re the two cuties right up front. :)

I’ve never been on an elephant.

Have you?

I felt like the queen of the world.

It was the most amazing experience of my life. While I sat on that ginormous, spectacular animal, giggling like a child with my daughter I forgot about being diabetic. I forgot about the pod attached to my lower hip and the sensor awkwardly bulging from my pant leg. I was on top of the world and feeling so free.

My daughter waved and laughed and for a moment we were on the same level. This was a first for the both of us. A first on an elephant and a first circus adventure. I’ll never forget this moment and I hope she doesn’t either.

That wasn’t on my bucket list but it should have been.

Smile, there’s always a reason to.



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