Forget me not.

I’m still here.

The reason for my very long feels like an eternity to life.

It got a little hectic. I moved on February 1st. I think I mentioned a few posts back about that being an upcoming adventure. That very same day I found out I would not be able to get cable/internet turned on for a bit because of previous tenants. (We live in a town home)  They finally came out to fix/set everything up yesterday. When I got home from work I was way too tired to sit down and form sentences, coherent ones anyway, so I waited. But I’m here now. Did ya miss me?

I’ve been missing all of you. I feel so disconnected from my diabetic family.

Here’s a manic Monday update for ya.

Aside from moving there has been quite a bit of chaos. There was a cat in the wall, discovered Saturday night, behind the toilet in the master bath. After pulling the access panel we saw a very scared kitty. No one has a clue as to how this cat got in the wall but my husband and I tried our darnedest to get the poor thing out. I almost succeeded but as you can imagine the cat was leery. Tuesday morning animal control was knocking at my door with a trap and stinky food in hand to help lure her out. (I don’t know if it was a he or a she but it was just so darn beautiful) I felt bad for the kitty. Who knows how long it had actually been trapped back there. I hope they are able to find her a home. She was very sweet.

Now that we are very settled in and the cat is out of the I can go back to stressing about the normal things. Which is basically everything.

Work has been going very well. I got a 90 day review already and apparently I am shining bright. They like my eagerness to learn and how hard working I am. I was very proud to hear all the good things that were said by my team leaders. It’s also nice discovering the people who actually know a bit about diabetes. They don’t act all sorts of awkward when they see my “robot” tools. Or hear random spots on my body beep and click. I actually like when they tell me that “so and so” in their life has diabetes and that they live very happy lives. I like getting to explain what this sensor does or what this pod does for me physically and emotionally.

The cool part is they all seem very interested.

My diabetes has been behaving. Had my first pod failure the other day which was quite frustrating but I suppose that is bound to happen once in a while with technology. I have so many appointments coming up this month. I get to see my PCP, my Endo, and the CDE. Should be lots of fun. (I hope you felt the sarcasm oozing from that sentence)

I’ve been so busy with everything that I’ve felt like I haven’t even had a chance to breathe. That’s life though. Twists and turns keeping me on my toes.

As always, don’t forget to smile. There’s always a reason to.

(Also, I apologize if this post seems a little jumbled together. A few of you have emailed me about where I have been and what’s been going on so I wanted to get some kind of update out there for now. Better posts to come, I promise. PLUS..right in the middle of writing this post I needed to rush my little house kitty to the vet because of blood in his litter box. Turns out he has a UTI. He’s now on antibiotics and pain medication. Send happy, healthy, kitty thoughts to Gus the cat. Please and thank you)


2 thoughts on “Forget me not.

  1. Glad you are back and things are cooling down. Weird about the wall cat.. really weird. The DOC is always happier when you are here, but we understand going MIA for a while. I certainly understand anyway… Hugs!

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