You’re my hero.

I give a lot of credit to diabetics everywhere. I myself am type one, so I know on a daily basis what it feels like to go through all the ups and downs. The feeling of loneliness, sadness, and frustration when it comes to caring for my diabetes personally. I also know what it feels like to be happy, and excited when diabetes decides to play nice. So I cheer each and every one of you on, type one, type two, and all the other sweet diabetics out there. Because I understand the battle.

What I have neglected to do is cheer on you wonderful, amazing caregivers.

The loved ones who surround us and try with every ounce of their being to “get” what we are going through. Who try so very hard to understand and care for us. Even when we are difficult, even when we are going through that dreaded burn out. They are right along side us wanting to punch diabetes in the face too.

So, this one goes out to every mom, dad, husband, wife, grandparent, and everyone in between who has cared for someone with diabetes. To all you amazing, loving individuals who stay up late at night worrying and stressing over blood sugar numbers and bolus/basal rates. To every one of you who handles our moodiness with grace, because we can be difficult sometimes, to every one of you who has cried over why this even had to happen..THANK YOU!

Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on. Thank you for helping to figure out carbs, but also understanding that sometimes we just want to splurge. Thank you for spending your every dollar so that we can have the type of care, tools, and devices, we need to manage this finicky disease. Thank you for not getting upset with us when we get angry at ourselves, at you, at the whole world. The strain this disease puts on us, mentally, emotionally, and physically is a constant factor. We lash out, not because we don’t love and appreciate you, but because we’re scared. We try our hardest to do what we’re supposed to do and sometimes it takes a toll on us. That doesn’t mean we don’t see everything you do for us.

To my husband who has been the main recipient of my angry diabetes rants and frustrations. Thank you for listening and not judging me. Thank you for wiping away the tears and encouraging me to keep at my diabetes management. Thank you for researching and reading up on all the diabetes jargon. For showing me all the news articles about this discovery and that one. I know that you are hoping, wishing, for a cure just as bad as I am some days.

Thank you for checking my sugar for me when I am too sleepy, or in a high/low trance.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have walked, raised money, advocated, and all around love us.

We love you and appreciate every thing you do.

YOU are my hero.


3 thoughts on “You’re my hero.

  1. Hurrahkayne says:

    YES! Everyone in my life who cares about me needs a thank you because I require a little more care than a non diabetic. Especially my parents and super especially my mom!

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