Setting Goals.

Side Note: I have to admit that this post was sparked by the Wednesday night #dsma tweet chat on Twitter. If you aren’t sure what that’s a weekly chat, with some amazing moderators, where people with diabetes can discuss..well, diabetes. The ups, the downs, the in between. If you don’t have a twitter consider getting into it. Being apart of this has been truly life changing in terms of how I view diabetes and my life with it. Everyone is so friendly too.

With a new year come the hopes and dreams of new beginnings. Starting over. Starting fresh. It’s a wonderful incentive, really. People make resolutions all the time but by the end of that year they are beating themselves up for not following through with this or that. The cycle is never ending.

I personally try not to make resolutions anymore. I learned a very long time ago that life happens and for whatever reason certain goals/resolutions wont always be met.

The disappointment I felt time and time again was a lot to endure. I mean I set out with so much optimism and then I wind up wishing I’d never made those “goals” in the first place. So..instead of setting these unmanageable goals or resolutions and getting upset I tell myself that it’s great to strive for success. To never want to be stagnant. It’s not okay to put myself down for not achieving this or that. It’s all about taking baby steps. And rewarding myself for each baby step conquered.

That’s the key: It’s perfectly acceptable to reward yourself with a little something. For the ladies, a new purse, or pair of shoes..for you fellas..well, you can get whatever it is you like too. :) Rewards are nice because sometimes it takes a lot of effort to meet a particular goal. A reward says, “Hey, you did it! Keep at it!”

That makes me want to keep pushing forward. Knowing that the hard work doesn’t go unseen. At least not by me.

Set goals.

Ones that will make you feel good about you and who you are. Make them obtainable. Or, if you like those long term, kind of out of reach, but still possible goals..just remember that you aren’t a bad person/loser for not being able to check that off the list. Maybe all you need to do is step back, access the situation, and then try, try again.

I look at every moment in life as an opportunity to challenge myself, better myself, and conquer fears. And if for some reason I get set back, knocked down, or whatever..I remind myself to just make lemonade. :)

Don’t forget to smile. There’s always a reason to.


5 thoughts on “Setting Goals.

  1. I love your positivity in this post. It makes me feel all good inside, motivated and inspired by all the wonderful people I’ve met on here, like you! Thanks for sharing your good vibes. We all need more of those in this world.

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