Little bit of this. Little bit of that.

Here’s an update Friday fives edition.

  • I started my Dexcom trial about a week ago. Loving it so far. I was able to get a new transmitter, receiver, and a total 3 months supply of sensors. All for a very reasonable price. Not sure if I will continue after the supplies run out but it has been, for me, a very valuable tool in my management. Something I didn’t think I would say. I’d heard quite a few people say this but now that I am actually getting to test run this thing I am liking it more and more.

  • On the 23rd I was finally given Omnipod training. Yes, the day before Christmas eve.. Yes, it was awesome. I love my CDE so far. She is very nice and seemed to be very impressed with my knowledge of the device and materials. (Thanks to the DOC) The training session went smoothly and after answering a few questions I was sent out to do my thing. The first day I ran very high. Well, higher than normal. Everyone reassured me that this would happen and would eventually calm down. Which it did. Then it was smooth sailing from there on out. Christmas eve had one high and the rest went really well. Same for Christmas day. Despite all the stress that surrounded my holiday festivities. I emailed her my numbers for the first 24 hours and haven’t heard back yet. I may try emailing her again just because I thought of a few questions only she’d be able to help me out with. Just concerning Basel rates and what not.

So far so good.

  • Keeping with the Omnipod theme: Today is day four of being on this pump and I love it. It’s so simple to use. The screens give you all the information you need, and then some, which is nice. I don’t have to use the expensive test strips for the built in meter either, which I was worried about, I can just punch in my number and bolus. It’s awesome. I did my first wave bolus yesterday for pizza. And guess what, I didn’t go high immediately afterward eating. Success!
  • None D related: We might be moving soon. This excites and stresses me out. Mostly the waiting game tends to be stressful. When will we move, how, who, what..? You get the picture. I’m crossing my fingers that everything falls into place so that by February 1st we can begin moving into our new home. Send good vibes, please and thank you.

  • Last but not least. My Christmas over all was hectic, stressful, a little scary (I’ll explain that another time) but watching my daughters face light up when she saw Santa had indeed delivered the bright, shiny new bike she had been hoping for..well, that made everything else melt away. Every worry, every little stressful detail, any negative feelings about this or that. All was right with the world when I heard her scream with joy because Santa had shown up. Eaten her cookies that were made especially for him and devoured the milk from the special cup we’d set out together. It was just perfection.

So all in all it has been a very busy week and I am just tuckered out. I could sleep for weeks, months even, but it was wonderful. I feel blessed beyond belief for everything in my life. I hope you all had a spectacular holiday..oh and happy new year..

Don’t forget to smile. There’s always a reason to.


Oh and happy #bluefridays hope your wearing that blue to support people with diabetes. :)


5 thoughts on “Little bit of this. Little bit of that.

  1. Why yes, I am wearing blue today! Glad it was a good holiday for you and the little one, and I’m glad you’re liking the Dexcom! Also, I’m wondering if that was a Donato’s, Cassano’s or LaRosa’s pizza? Whatever it is, it’s better than anything I can get here.

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