Take the good with the bad..

Yesterday was interesting..2nd day with the Dex.

So today I was able to meet my new Endo. She’s great! Amazing! I wish I would have found an endo like this years ago. As soon as the appointment started she was friendly and reassuring.

We got right into business..

We discussed the cholesterol medication elevating my blood sugars. We agreed to put a hold on taking those. We talked about my blood sugars which she was impressed with. She then mentioned how perfect the Dexcom was and I agreed. I informed her that, because of a truly wonderful friend, I have been able to do a trial run with one. She gave me all the information so that I could continue using this fabulous device. We also talked about the OmniPod. She says that every one should be on an insulin pump. So we are going to get that set up as soon as possible. Yay.

She praised me for maintaining such wonderful numbers. Her words, “You’ve done spectacular with some not so spectacular tools! I’m very proud of you.” This made me beam of course. That’s always a great feeling. I have appointments set up in February for blood to be drawn and to see how things are going with the pump/dexcom. Assuming I am able to get all that set up and finalized by that point. Things are looking great, friends.

I am so happy.

Now for the not so great stuff. She did a foot/vibration test while I was there. Standard procedure when you have diabetes and the results were not what I was expecting. She says that I have beginning stages of diabetes neuropathy.

Never heard of it? Well here’s a brief definition. Neuropathy.

What this basically means is that my feet are starting to lose sensation. Slightly. The reason this is not so great is because this means, if the neuropathy gets worse, I wouldn’t be able to feel if I got a cut, or worse, and that could get infected. Which could possibly lead to amputation. You see how one thing leads to another. It’s frustrating. Like the endo said though, it’s the beginning stages, there is medication I can take, but overall, this was inevitable. It’s nothing I did wrong, or caused. Complications will happen. As long as we maintain healthy numbers we can delay these for a long time. This was a very difficult pill to swallow. For me. I have tried very hard to keep myself healthy and to hear this news really put a damper on my mood. More tests, more blood drawn, more pills. Lots of insulin. Lots of sugar checks.

It’s just a never ending cycle that gets a bit old.

I have to take care of this monster I never asked for..it’s annoying..

I will try to not let this get to me too much though. The way I have to look at it is that you have the good with the bad and as long as the good outweighs the bad, well, that’s what matters. This slight kick doesn’t mean I stop what I am doing. It means I fight even more. Nothing is taking me down unless I allow it to.

Other than that the appointment went well. I pick up my prescription for the neuropathy sometime this week and hopefully things continue to look up from here. Maybe it sounds cheesy to be so optimistic but it is better than beating myself up over something I can’t control. Tomorrow will be better. Always.

I will continue to smile, because there’s always a reason to.


6 thoughts on “Take the good with the bad..

  1. I have had the Dexcom for 3 weeks Saturday. I got it and 6 months of supplies at no out of pocket expense because I had met my deductible. I’m not sure if I will continue using it after my 6 month supplies are gone. My readings are usually 20-30 off from my glucose readings and I am still having to check my glucose at least 3 times a day. I’m not sure if it’s worth the $350 a month for the sensors.

    • Everyone is different when it comes to this device. Some people swear by it. I know that since I have been “trialing” it I’ve found that some days it is spot on and some days it isn’t. I think that’s with anything we have to rely on though. I know I’ve had to calibrate it a lot. Once I do then it’s decent. I usually finger stick my blood sugar three times a day too. Who knows how long I’ll stick with it myself. We’ll see.

      • Thats my issue is the amount that it’s off when it’s off. I am usually off 30 points either way. So I’m still finger testing before and after meals since I’m a newbie. I can’t see paying out of pocket for it if I’m still going to finger test.

      • I read in an email Dexcom sent me that they know they can be about 17% off from what your meter says but the number shown on Dexcom should be considered accurate. Wasn’t sure what to think about that one. Haha.

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