Very superstitious..

..the writings on the walls.  (Stevie Wonder)

I thought the title seemed appropriate considering today is Friday the 13th.

I know, I’m clever. What can I say?

It’s been awhile since I was able to sit down and write a proper blog post/update. There have been a lot of things going on, especially since Christmas is quite literally around the corner, work has been taking up a lot of my time as well. So I thought I would do a quick Friday Fives for ya. I know, you love these. :)

  1. It’s been quite the experience to work and maintain my diabetes. When I was newly diagnosed I did have a job but to me it was one or the other. I was young and hadn’t quite realized that I could actually do both. I neglected my diabetes. Now that I am older and so much more wiser I’ve learned how to multitask and manage a whole household with diabetes on board. I thought, at first, my numbers would suffer. However, to my surprise, working hasn’t stopped the diabetes flow. It helps that my bosses and coworkers are so understanding. Though I haven’t needed to leave the floor for any sudden reasons. When I start to feel low I’ll pop a few glucose tablets and then as soon as a rush is over I’ll head to the back to check my blood sugar. My team leaders are always asking if I’m “good” which I usually am.
  2. I’m also happy to say that the house hasn’t completely burned down with out me. My husband has really picked up the reins on this one. Him and the little one clean up here and there. He makes dinners when I am going to be home late. I mean we really have this whole system down. Which is nice because I might be a nervous wreck at work if I didn’t feel completely confident things at home were okay. SO, thanks husband! (Yes, this is your shout out)
  3. Funny story: While at work the other day I needed to give myself an insulin injection. It was right before my meal and at first no one was in the break room so I figured it’d be the best time. I whipped out all my stuff and got things ready. Right as I was about to inject a coworker walked in and proceeded to cover her eyes. She yelled, “Oh, oh god. I’m so sorry!” I laughed and said that the coast was clear. I was done. At first she looked at me all crazy, like, what the hell was going on? After a few minutes of silence she asked what I had been doing..I thought, cool. This is the perfect opportunity to spread knowledge. I explained to her that I was diabetic. “Oh, my cousin has diabetes. But I’ve never seen him do that!” We later came to the conclusion that he probably wasn’t taking care of himself. Her assumptions. Especially since he’d been in the hospital more times then she could count. She applauded me for doing what I had to do no matter how “weird” it seemed to others. “You’re health is very important.” I like that I get to talk about this disease in a positive manner.
  4. Christmas shopping is almost done. Though I find myself doing what I promised I wouldn’t do..stressing. I like everything to be set and over with. I absolutely dislike when things are up in the air. But that’s life I suppose.
  5. Five more days until I meet my endocrinologist. I’m excited. I hope she is as awesome as every one says she is. Thanks to some amazing people in my life I now have a Dexcom. I am hoping to start using him very soon. I should come up with a name. Any suggestions? Training for the pump should happen after the Endo appointment. Which just leaves me ecstatic. Updates on that as soon as possible.

Other than that there isn’t much to report. Life has been busy in all the right ways. No complaints.

So I leave you with this.

Smile, there’s always a reason to. :)

P.s This is my 100th post! Here’s to many more, I hope.


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