On the sixth day of Christmas..

I’m borrowing this little survey from the wonderful Allison over at With Faith and Grace. She deserves credit for the awesome questions. Go check out how she answered too. :)

Here we go..

1. What is your must-watch holiday movie?

I have two movies that I just have to watch, at least once, during the holidays. One of them is A Christmas Story. Careful, you’ll shoot your eye out. The second one is Miracle on 34th street. The one with Elizabeth Perkins.

Those are my absolute favorite films.

2. What is your must-do holiday activity?

A few days before Christmas eve we go around and check out all the lights.We bundle up with hot cocoa and drive around looking at houses that have been decorated. Sometimes we head over to this gorgeous little park that has every tree lit up. It’s fantastic and magical. Something we’ve done every year since our daughter was born.

3. What’s your favorite holiday dish?

One of the first holiday family events my husband and I went to as an official couple was at my mother in laws house. She made this amazing potato casserole that I absolutely love. It’s totally bolus worthy. ;)

4. What’s your favorite holiday drink?

I love anything peppermint/mocha-y. Simply delicious.

5. Christmas cookies: store-bought, from scratch or neither? 

Always made from scratch. Is there any other way? Every year a group of us girls get together and bake like our life depended on it. Every kind of cookie/treat you can think if is made and shared with everyone. These are the best! Chocolate crinkles. It’s basically like heaven in delicious cookie form. Again, totally bolus worthy.

6. Which Christmas song do you have on repeat?

I love Christmas music.

It’s on every chance I get. Currently Feliz Navidad is on repeat though. My daughter loves this song! Haha.

7. When do you put up your Christmas tree?

We use to wait until the day after thanksgiving.

Then it started getting earlier and earlier. We are now set on the day after my daughters birthday which is the 16th. Yes, that is a few weeks before Thanksgiving. No, I’m not crazy. Just in love with the season and I’d rather have time to enjoy the decorations then put them up and have to take them right back down.

8. Do you have a favorite ornament?

This was the very first ornament ever given to us. My sister in law brought it back from a trip she’d gone on. I had just given birth to my daughter so it meant so much to me that she was including the whole little family. I still love it.

9. Where is Santa Claus coming to visit this year?

He’ll be visiting my home here in Ohio. There’s an eager little girl waiting for him. And my daughter too. ;)

10. What is on your holiday wish list?

My husband was just asking me what I wanted for Christmas. Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything. I guess I could always use new clothes. I am a sucker for purses. Maybe gift cards because I can be a bit indecisive. I just keep thinking, I already have a lot of what I need and want. No need to be greedy.

11. Open presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Something I did as a kid, my husband as well, is that every one gets to open one gift on Christmas eve. Parents choose, of course. And then the rest are opened Christmas morning. Especially since Santa arrives way later.

12. Can you sing the entire “Twelve Days of Christmas” without missing a single item?

No. I’ve never been good at that song. I can get up to five golden rings and that’s about it.I do love that song though. It was one of my moms favorites. I think I have the lyrics written down somewhere.

Of course there is always Google.  

I hope you enjoyed this. I liked filling it out. Feel free to steal and pass it along. :)

Happy Holidays.


2 thoughts on “On the sixth day of Christmas..

  1. Those cookies are awesome and so easy to make! I made them last year for a Christmas cookie exchange last year and they were a hit! Just to add, my favourite Christmas song is anything from Boney M Gold, but I do love all Christmas music :) My must watch Christmas movie I believe is called Ellie. Its another version of a Christmas Carol staring Susan Lucci as Miss Scrooge, but it hasn’t been on the last couple of years…I need to find it! Thanks for the post, this was fun :)

    • Those cookies are always a hit. I make them every year for my husband’s coworkers. Except last year and everyone was so upset. Haha. I’ve never seen that movie.. I may have to look for it too. I like Susan Lucci. Thanks so much for reading by the way. :) Happy Holidays.

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