Think happy thoughts..

1. On grey Thursday/black Friday I worked with a lady whose husband has type one diabetes. Through quick conversations here and there she felt comfortable to voice that information so I thought it appropriate to disclose that I too was diabetic. We bonded over shared worries and concerns and she let me in on how her husband handles work/diabetes. It was nice knowing that someone there knew a little about how I was feeling. She even left a couple of candies in my drawer when we switched for breaks.”In case you get low!” She whispered. I smiled and thanked her.

I appreciate stuff like that.

2. That same day my team leader, who asked if I would die if I couldn’t get to my shot in time, was always asking how I was feeling, or if I needed a second to go handle stuff. I would smile and just say that if at any time I felt “off” I’d let her know. Maybe most people would have found that annoying but I actually loved the genuine concern and care. Moments like these have made work so much more enjoyable. Not that I am being babied or anything but that they are being very understanding. I don’t want to be singled out or treated differently. Thankfully the night went smoothly and I kept my numbers in perfect range. I was surprised actually. I figured the craziness of the night would have had me all over the place.

3. Speaking of work I would just like to mention that it is awesome. It’s a reason I have been slightly absent from the blog and my social media accounts. When I am not working I am maintaining the household, my diabetes, and making sure the little one is not feeling neglected. So far it’s been smooth sailing and I hope it stays that way.

4. I had started taking a cholesterol medication. (A few weeks ago, I think) Because I was two points off from a great number and my HCP decided we should be proactive about everything. She started me on a low dose and I didn’t think anything of it until I started noticing some increasingly high numbers. Before long I was hanging out in the 200-300’s no matter what I did, ate, or how much insulin I took. I was growing frustrated. I decided to experiment a little and bought new insulin, thinking maybe it’d gone bad, no change. Then I switched up my exercise regimen, no change. Finally I stopped taking the medication and monitored my numbers very The only change in my routine were the pills and I think you can guess what happened next..yes, my numbers have been back to normal ever since.

I haven’t called my doctor just yet. I figured I could speak to my Endo on the 18th and see what she wants to do with this situation. She’ll have more of an understanding of what this medication is doing to my blood sugar.  I’m just happy that my numbers are more in range. I was really starting to get bummed out.

5. In other news, unrelated to health, I am happy to announce that I am almost done with Christmas shopping. In fact all that is left are a few things for my daughter. Well, a few big things that we are having shipped out. I’ll probably go out a few days before Christmas eve and pick up a few odds and ends but overall things are looking great. I’m excited.

I hope things are going well with all of you!

Happy Holidays.

Smile, there’s always a reason to.


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