Little bit of this. Little bit of that.

Here’s an update Friday fives edition.

  • I started my Dexcom trial about a week ago. Loving it so far. I was able to get a new transmitter, receiver, and a total 3 months supply of sensors. All for a very reasonable price. Not sure if I will continue after the supplies run out but it has been, for me, a very valuable tool in my management. Something I didn’t think I would say. I’d heard quite a few people say this but now that I am actually getting to test run this thing I am liking it more and more.

  • On the 23rd I was finally given Omnipod training. Yes, the day before Christmas eve.. Yes, it was awesome. I love my CDE so far. She is very nice and seemed to be very impressed with my knowledge of the device and materials. (Thanks to the DOC) The training session went smoothly and after answering a few questions I was sent out to do my thing. The first day I ran very high. Well, higher than normal. Everyone reassured me that this would happen and would eventually calm down. Which it did. Then it was smooth sailing from there on out. Christmas eve had one high and the rest went really well. Same for Christmas day. Despite all the stress that surrounded my holiday festivities. I emailed her my numbers for the first 24 hours and haven’t heard back yet. I may try emailing her again just because I thought of a few questions only she’d be able to help me out with. Just concerning Basel rates and what not.

So far so good.

  • Keeping with the Omnipod theme: Today is day four of being on this pump and I love it. It’s so simple to use. The screens give you all the information you need, and then some, which is nice. I don’t have to use the expensive test strips for the built in meter either, which I was worried about, I can just punch in my number and bolus. It’s awesome. I did my first wave bolus yesterday for pizza. And guess what, I didn’t go high immediately afterward eating. Success!
  • None D related: We might be moving soon. This excites and stresses me out. Mostly the waiting game tends to be stressful. When will we move, how, who, what..? You get the picture. I’m crossing my fingers that everything falls into place so that by February 1st we can begin moving into our new home. Send good vibes, please and thank you.

  • Last but not least. My Christmas over all was hectic, stressful, a little scary (I’ll explain that another time) but watching my daughters face light up when she saw Santa had indeed delivered the bright, shiny new bike she had been hoping for..well, that made everything else melt away. Every worry, every little stressful detail, any negative feelings about this or that. All was right with the world when I heard her scream with joy because Santa had shown up. Eaten her cookies that were made especially for him and devoured the milk from the special cup we’d set out together. It was just perfection.

So all in all it has been a very busy week and I am just tuckered out. I could sleep for weeks, months even, but it was wonderful. I feel blessed beyond belief for everything in my life. I hope you all had a spectacular holiday..oh and happy new year..

Don’t forget to smile. There’s always a reason to.


Oh and happy #bluefridays hope your wearing that blue to support people with diabetes. :)


Take the good with the bad..

Yesterday was interesting..2nd day with the Dex.

So today I was able to meet my new Endo. She’s great! Amazing! I wish I would have found an endo like this years ago. As soon as the appointment started she was friendly and reassuring.

We got right into business..

We discussed the cholesterol medication elevating my blood sugars. We agreed to put a hold on taking those. We talked about my blood sugars which she was impressed with. She then mentioned how perfect the Dexcom was and I agreed. I informed her that, because of a truly wonderful friend, I have been able to do a trial run with one. She gave me all the information so that I could continue using this fabulous device. We also talked about the OmniPod. She says that every one should be on an insulin pump. So we are going to get that set up as soon as possible. Yay.

She praised me for maintaining such wonderful numbers. Her words, “You’ve done spectacular with some not so spectacular tools! I’m very proud of you.” This made me beam of course. That’s always a great feeling. I have appointments set up in February for blood to be drawn and to see how things are going with the pump/dexcom. Assuming I am able to get all that set up and finalized by that point. Things are looking great, friends.

I am so happy.

Now for the not so great stuff. She did a foot/vibration test while I was there. Standard procedure when you have diabetes and the results were not what I was expecting. She says that I have beginning stages of diabetes neuropathy.

Never heard of it? Well here’s a brief definition. Neuropathy.

What this basically means is that my feet are starting to lose sensation. Slightly. The reason this is not so great is because this means, if the neuropathy gets worse, I wouldn’t be able to feel if I got a cut, or worse, and that could get infected. Which could possibly lead to amputation. You see how one thing leads to another. It’s frustrating. Like the endo said though, it’s the beginning stages, there is medication I can take, but overall, this was inevitable. It’s nothing I did wrong, or caused. Complications will happen. As long as we maintain healthy numbers we can delay these for a long time. This was a very difficult pill to swallow. For me. I have tried very hard to keep myself healthy and to hear this news really put a damper on my mood. More tests, more blood drawn, more pills. Lots of insulin. Lots of sugar checks.

It’s just a never ending cycle that gets a bit old.

I have to take care of this monster I never asked’s annoying..

I will try to not let this get to me too much though. The way I have to look at it is that you have the good with the bad and as long as the good outweighs the bad, well, that’s what matters. This slight kick doesn’t mean I stop what I am doing. It means I fight even more. Nothing is taking me down unless I allow it to.

Other than that the appointment went well. I pick up my prescription for the neuropathy sometime this week and hopefully things continue to look up from here. Maybe it sounds cheesy to be so optimistic but it is better than beating myself up over something I can’t control. Tomorrow will be better. Always.

I will continue to smile, because there’s always a reason to.

December: DSMA Blog Carnival.

Happy December. As we get ready to say good-bye to 2013 and welcome in 2014 it seems fitting to reflect on what we did this year and what we hope to do next year. Let’s put a diabetes spin on things and talk about . . . . .

Out with the Old, In with the New – Diabetes Style.

With this topic, anything goes. Maybe you have a diabetes habit you want to break and replace with a new habit. Perhaps you are going to revamp your exercise plan and trade in an old workout routine for a new one. It could be time to put a new focus on yourself, such as limiting some online advocacy in favor devoting time to things you need to stay healthy and happy. You might be thinking of changing up some current tools (meters, pumps, diabetes apps) for a new version. Or maybe you have plans to make some food swaps or try a new eating plan. What ever it is, we want to hear about it!

I really like this topic. There are quite a few things I’d like to change especially with the new year approaching.

Working out: I really need to get into this and stick with it. For the entire month of November I was walking 1-3 miles a day, depending on what was going on, plus doing little workout challenges I’d see on Facebook. Then the cold and snow hit, the work schedule got a little bit busier, and I found myself not so motivated anymore. Which makes me feel like such a slacker because the workouts were really helping with the blood sugars.

Eating right: I’d like to think that I make very smart choices when it comes to food. Then I snap myself back to reality and remind myself that I do indulge here and there. It happens, to a lot of us I’m sure, but I need to start really making better decisions so that I can maintain a strong/healthy body.

Device Swap: I’m hoping that my Endo will start my training on the OmniPod. I have this beautiful little device just collecting dust until I get the go head to start using it. I have started a sort of Dexcom trial and I have to admit that I am so loving it. This might be a change to make in the new year.

I need to not be so afraid of doing things a different way. I have been MDI since diagnosis. I’ve used a regular glucose monitor to tell me what my numbers are. Nothing wrong with any of that but I see that these devices I have been able to test and research have proven to be just as amazing. SO I am ready for new adventures.

Breaking habits: I plan to change my lancet every day. Instead, well, just more often. :)

A new year means new opportunities, new moments to better myself. I plan on doing more walk to cures, more advocating, not just online, but in my community. Educating everyone and anyone who will listen. Most importantly I plan to take better care of myself. Even more than I have been. Every day is a chance to push myself forward and grow, not just with diabetes, but in my whole life. I am so excited about the upcoming year.

I hope you are too.

Don’t forget to smile. There’s always a reason to.


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Very superstitious..

..the writings on the walls.  (Stevie Wonder)

I thought the title seemed appropriate considering today is Friday the 13th.

I know, I’m clever. What can I say?

It’s been awhile since I was able to sit down and write a proper blog post/update. There have been a lot of things going on, especially since Christmas is quite literally around the corner, work has been taking up a lot of my time as well. So I thought I would do a quick Friday Fives for ya. I know, you love these. :)

  1. It’s been quite the experience to work and maintain my diabetes. When I was newly diagnosed I did have a job but to me it was one or the other. I was young and hadn’t quite realized that I could actually do both. I neglected my diabetes. Now that I am older and so much more wiser I’ve learned how to multitask and manage a whole household with diabetes on board. I thought, at first, my numbers would suffer. However, to my surprise, working hasn’t stopped the diabetes flow. It helps that my bosses and coworkers are so understanding. Though I haven’t needed to leave the floor for any sudden reasons. When I start to feel low I’ll pop a few glucose tablets and then as soon as a rush is over I’ll head to the back to check my blood sugar. My team leaders are always asking if I’m “good” which I usually am.
  2. I’m also happy to say that the house hasn’t completely burned down with out me. My husband has really picked up the reins on this one. Him and the little one clean up here and there. He makes dinners when I am going to be home late. I mean we really have this whole system down. Which is nice because I might be a nervous wreck at work if I didn’t feel completely confident things at home were okay. SO, thanks husband! (Yes, this is your shout out)
  3. Funny story: While at work the other day I needed to give myself an insulin injection. It was right before my meal and at first no one was in the break room so I figured it’d be the best time. I whipped out all my stuff and got things ready. Right as I was about to inject a coworker walked in and proceeded to cover her eyes. She yelled, “Oh, oh god. I’m so sorry!” I laughed and said that the coast was clear. I was done. At first she looked at me all crazy, like, what the hell was going on? After a few minutes of silence she asked what I had been doing..I thought, cool. This is the perfect opportunity to spread knowledge. I explained to her that I was diabetic. “Oh, my cousin has diabetes. But I’ve never seen him do that!” We later came to the conclusion that he probably wasn’t taking care of himself. Her assumptions. Especially since he’d been in the hospital more times then she could count. She applauded me for doing what I had to do no matter how “weird” it seemed to others. “You’re health is very important.” I like that I get to talk about this disease in a positive manner.
  4. Christmas shopping is almost done. Though I find myself doing what I promised I wouldn’t do..stressing. I like everything to be set and over with. I absolutely dislike when things are up in the air. But that’s life I suppose.
  5. Five more days until I meet my endocrinologist. I’m excited. I hope she is as awesome as every one says she is. Thanks to some amazing people in my life I now have a Dexcom. I am hoping to start using him very soon. I should come up with a name. Any suggestions? Training for the pump should happen after the Endo appointment. Which just leaves me ecstatic. Updates on that as soon as possible.

Other than that there isn’t much to report. Life has been busy in all the right ways. No complaints.

So I leave you with this.

Smile, there’s always a reason to. :)

P.s This is my 100th post! Here’s to many more, I hope.

On the sixth day of Christmas..

I’m borrowing this little survey from the wonderful Allison over at With Faith and Grace. She deserves credit for the awesome questions. Go check out how she answered too. :)

Here we go..

1. What is your must-watch holiday movie?

I have two movies that I just have to watch, at least once, during the holidays. One of them is A Christmas Story. Careful, you’ll shoot your eye out. The second one is Miracle on 34th street. The one with Elizabeth Perkins.

Those are my absolute favorite films.

2. What is your must-do holiday activity?

A few days before Christmas eve we go around and check out all the lights.We bundle up with hot cocoa and drive around looking at houses that have been decorated. Sometimes we head over to this gorgeous little park that has every tree lit up. It’s fantastic and magical. Something we’ve done every year since our daughter was born.

3. What’s your favorite holiday dish?

One of the first holiday family events my husband and I went to as an official couple was at my mother in laws house. She made this amazing potato casserole that I absolutely love. It’s totally bolus worthy. ;)

4. What’s your favorite holiday drink?

I love anything peppermint/mocha-y. Simply delicious.

5. Christmas cookies: store-bought, from scratch or neither? 

Always made from scratch. Is there any other way? Every year a group of us girls get together and bake like our life depended on it. Every kind of cookie/treat you can think if is made and shared with everyone. These are the best! Chocolate crinkles. It’s basically like heaven in delicious cookie form. Again, totally bolus worthy.

6. Which Christmas song do you have on repeat?

I love Christmas music.

It’s on every chance I get. Currently Feliz Navidad is on repeat though. My daughter loves this song! Haha.

7. When do you put up your Christmas tree?

We use to wait until the day after thanksgiving.

Then it started getting earlier and earlier. We are now set on the day after my daughters birthday which is the 16th. Yes, that is a few weeks before Thanksgiving. No, I’m not crazy. Just in love with the season and I’d rather have time to enjoy the decorations then put them up and have to take them right back down.

8. Do you have a favorite ornament?

This was the very first ornament ever given to us. My sister in law brought it back from a trip she’d gone on. I had just given birth to my daughter so it meant so much to me that she was including the whole little family. I still love it.

9. Where is Santa Claus coming to visit this year?

He’ll be visiting my home here in Ohio. There’s an eager little girl waiting for him. And my daughter too. ;)

10. What is on your holiday wish list?

My husband was just asking me what I wanted for Christmas. Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything. I guess I could always use new clothes. I am a sucker for purses. Maybe gift cards because I can be a bit indecisive. I just keep thinking, I already have a lot of what I need and want. No need to be greedy.

11. Open presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Something I did as a kid, my husband as well, is that every one gets to open one gift on Christmas eve. Parents choose, of course. And then the rest are opened Christmas morning. Especially since Santa arrives way later.

12. Can you sing the entire “Twelve Days of Christmas” without missing a single item?

No. I’ve never been good at that song. I can get up to five golden rings and that’s about it.I do love that song though. It was one of my moms favorites. I think I have the lyrics written down somewhere.

Of course there is always Google.  

I hope you enjoyed this. I liked filling it out. Feel free to steal and pass it along. :)

Happy Holidays.

Think happy thoughts..

1. On grey Thursday/black Friday I worked with a lady whose husband has type one diabetes. Through quick conversations here and there she felt comfortable to voice that information so I thought it appropriate to disclose that I too was diabetic. We bonded over shared worries and concerns and she let me in on how her husband handles work/diabetes. It was nice knowing that someone there knew a little about how I was feeling. She even left a couple of candies in my drawer when we switched for breaks.”In case you get low!” She whispered. I smiled and thanked her.

I appreciate stuff like that.

2. That same day my team leader, who asked if I would die if I couldn’t get to my shot in time, was always asking how I was feeling, or if I needed a second to go handle stuff. I would smile and just say that if at any time I felt “off” I’d let her know. Maybe most people would have found that annoying but I actually loved the genuine concern and care. Moments like these have made work so much more enjoyable. Not that I am being babied or anything but that they are being very understanding. I don’t want to be singled out or treated differently. Thankfully the night went smoothly and I kept my numbers in perfect range. I was surprised actually. I figured the craziness of the night would have had me all over the place.

3. Speaking of work I would just like to mention that it is awesome. It’s a reason I have been slightly absent from the blog and my social media accounts. When I am not working I am maintaining the household, my diabetes, and making sure the little one is not feeling neglected. So far it’s been smooth sailing and I hope it stays that way.

4. I had started taking a cholesterol medication. (A few weeks ago, I think) Because I was two points off from a great number and my HCP decided we should be proactive about everything. She started me on a low dose and I didn’t think anything of it until I started noticing some increasingly high numbers. Before long I was hanging out in the 200-300’s no matter what I did, ate, or how much insulin I took. I was growing frustrated. I decided to experiment a little and bought new insulin, thinking maybe it’d gone bad, no change. Then I switched up my exercise regimen, no change. Finally I stopped taking the medication and monitored my numbers very The only change in my routine were the pills and I think you can guess what happened next..yes, my numbers have been back to normal ever since.

I haven’t called my doctor just yet. I figured I could speak to my Endo on the 18th and see what she wants to do with this situation. She’ll have more of an understanding of what this medication is doing to my blood sugar.  I’m just happy that my numbers are more in range. I was really starting to get bummed out.

5. In other news, unrelated to health, I am happy to announce that I am almost done with Christmas shopping. In fact all that is left are a few things for my daughter. Well, a few big things that we are having shipped out. I’ll probably go out a few days before Christmas eve and pick up a few odds and ends but overall things are looking great. I’m excited.

I hope things are going well with all of you!

Happy Holidays.

Smile, there’s always a reason to.