Someday I will..

Make a wish! :)

It’s always nice to be present in the here and now moments of life. Once in awhile though I think it’s alright to plan goals, daydream, wish, and send out hopes for the future. So I thought I would put together my own little “Someday I will..” list. These are goals I hope to have accomplished..someday. Call it a bucket list if you will. Enjoy.

1. Someday I will have my bachelors, and even masters, degree. I can’t wait to start school again.

2. Someday I will have my own little house. Preferably one with a yard.

3. Someday I will have an adorable little puppy.

4. Someday I will be at my goal weight. With a lot of exercise and healthy choices.

5. Someday I will be doing what I love and actually making a career out of it. Writing.

6. Someday I will be happy with myself instead of being overly critical.

7. Someday I will be able to say I had diabetes.

8. Someday I will be able to forgive all the things you’ve done/broken promises so that we can move forward.

9. Someday I will be a grandmother and spoil those babies rotten. :)

10. Someday I will take a road trip.

Some of these things might seem shallow, they may seem completely out of reach, but they are all things that I truly hope I can mark off the list. In some way.

Don’t forget to smile, there’s always a reason to.


7 thoughts on “Someday I will..

  1. I really like that #7 on your list. I hope you also get the time to do everything on your list, and much more. I could totally see you as a writer. Happy Thanksgiving!

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