Holiday do’s and don’ts.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I thought it would be fun to put together my own little do’s and don’ts list for dealing with my diabetes. Consider this a how-to guide for all you non-d people out there who love someone with diabetes. :)

Do – Invite me out to your holiday parties and festivities. Diabetes doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have fun.

Don’t – Announce to everyone in the room that I am your friend/relative with the lazy pancreas. It’s not something I am personally excited about sharing while asking for the mashed potatoes to be passed my way.

Do – Let me know what you’ll be providing food/drink/dessert wise so I can game plan.

Don’t – Give me looks, or ask if I should be eating this or that, I know what I’m doing here. Promise.

Do –  Provide “diabetic friendly” dishes if that will make you feel more comfortable with inviting me over. I always appreciate the care and concern that people take to ensure that I feel welcome.

Don’t – Assume that I am a “bad” diabetic because I indulged in a little apple pie/cookie/sweet treat. Diabetics CAN eat sugar. In moderation. Diabetes doesn’t mean I’ve completely lost my sweet tooth.

Do – Provide diet coke, and lots of it. :)

I know that sometimes it’s difficult for family members to know how to treat us diabetic folk. Sometimes they feel like they have to protect us from the dangerously carb-y dressing, or not so healthy fruit salads. The truth is it’s alright to live a little and enjoy myself just like everyone else tries to do during this time of year.

I appreciate the concerned look and whispered, “can she really eat that?” I do. Keep in mind though I have to think about every single thing I consume on a DAILY basis. It doesn’t go away and it isn’t magnified just on holidays. It is something I am constantly thinking about. How this bite and that sip are going to affect my body, my blood glucose, my everything. So when this season rolls around I like to be able to eat and be merry. Just like you.

So, you don’t have to worry about it.

I do it enough. Quit asking if I can eat that and just pass it on over.

I’ll decide if I want to be adventurous or not. :)

Happy Holidays.

To my fellow D friends. What are some holiday “do’s and don’t’s” you’d add to the list?

Lemme know.



  1. I generally ask that a carb light appetizer be provided, or ask if I can bring one on my own to share. That way I’m not filling up before the actual meal nor going through my entire insulin supply before the main course.

  2. My main “do” is: DO let me know when we will actually be eating the main meal, and stick to that time. I don’t want to plan a bolus to be eating at 12:30pm (I pre-bolus and do a lot of square waves), and then everything gets pushed out to 1:30pm or 2pm. That wrecks me!

  3. Good list. Generally for the holidays I let myself slide a little bit. If my sugar runs a little high, that’s OK. However, this will be my first year with my CGM so we’ll see how that goes.

    I second 15wait15. Last year there was an “incident” where it seemed like Christmas Eve dinner was about to be served. So I excused myself to go to the restroom to test and inject (I was on MDI then) and guess what? We didn’t eat for another 2 hours. And also, we didn’t eat until 10:30 at night. As you can imagine, my BGs were out of whack the following day due to the very late, very heavy meal. *sigh* (Of course, I could have said “no” to the potatoes, but who wants to do that?!)

    So my additions to the list would be – Plan on serving your meal at a normal time (a little variation is OK) and discretely tell the PWD when you plan on serving said meal so he/she can plan accordingly.

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