Keeping busy.

Thanks to diabetes I have a lot of appointments coming up. All good things though.

I have an appointment next Wednesday with my HCP (Healthcare Professional) to discuss the blood work from today. (Hoping for a spectacular A1c) Then possibly some pump training this week or the following.

Depending on what I feel comfortable with.

Next month on the 18th I have my very first endocrinologist appointment. Yes, you read that correctly. I have never dealt with a real diabetes specialist. Only HCP’s. I’m nervous, excited, but mostly anxious. The OmniPod rep said she’d be alright with showing me how to use my fun new device but I’m thinking it might be beneficial to just wait and discuss a plan of action once I get into the endo’s office. I’ve logged everything from my numbers, to my medication/insulin doses, to my carb counts/ratios..I mean, you name it and I’ve got it written down somewhere.

I’m hoping that my new friend, the endo, will applaud my efforts at diabetes management and not scold me for waiting so long to get in to see her. The issue was either I didn’t have any form of insurance at the time or all the endocrinologists were booked up, not taking any new patients at the time, so I just didn’t bother to pursue it.

I know, I should have.

I made it work though. Yes, there were hospital visits. And, yes, not all my A1c’s were great but I did the best with what I had and that’s all I can really say about that. I know that this will be the very best thing for me, my health, and the big baby I call diabetes that follows me around constantly.

I’m just hoping that everything continues to fall into place.

Smile, there’s always a reason to. :)


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