A perfect score!

When this happens it just makes my day.

This was my blood sugar right before bed. :)

Let’s call this a little Throwback Thursday action.

Now, there’s something to be said about getting those great numbers, and then those “not so great” ones. I think that everyone can agree that we jump for joy when our meters or CGM’s read nice, lovely numbers like the one above. I can’t imagine meeting one person who would be unhappy about getting a number that is in their range.

It’s when you get those slightly higher ones, or even those scary lower ones, that leave a sour taste in your mouth. Sometimes you’re left thinking, “did I do something wrong?” Did I miss calculate this or that. I’ve come to find that sometimes it’s nothing we could have done this way or that way. Sometimes it’s just one of those days. Instead of beating myself up about it I just take a deep breathe and tell myself that this little notch doesn’t define me, doesn’t ruin all my progress, doesn’t own me.

That little notch only reminds me that I am human and that things happen.

Then I move on…

Because at the end of the day there could be an assortment of reasons why my numbers would come out funky. It could be what I ate or if I remembered to bolus or not..but a lot of the time it also wont be so black and white.

Hope you all have wonderful numbers today, if you don’t, there’s always tomorrow.

Don’t give up. Keep working at it. Because even the most seasoned of veterans have “off” days.

Don’t forget to smile, there’s always a reason to.


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