Goblins and ghouls galore.

When I was younger, before marriage and kids, before diabetes, before a single care in the world, Halloween was never a very big deal in my house. My mother was very religious and didn’t believe in celebrating anything that even remotely resembled “evil” and we all just sort of accepted that. My father didn’t care much either way.

Instead they would occasionally dress us up, as cowgirls, or ninjas, and take us to the local community church where we engaged in good, wholesome, fun. I’m not complaining. we all had a good time nonetheless. There’d be candy and equally “kid-friendly” costumes. Bobbing for apples and little booths set up where you would play games in hopes of winning prizes.

Think mini carnivals with a Christian theme.

In my home you wouldn’t see carved pumpkins or spooky decorations though. If anything we’d watch horror movies while eating pizza. My dad is a huge horror fan and nothing would keep him away from that aspect. Overall, we just didn’t celebrate it. Not like every one else did. Friends of mine would have their homes turned into haunted mansions. Blood oozed from doors and windows, skeletons hung from staircases and trees. The neighborhood looked like a Steven King film had thrown up everywhere. It was awesome!

When I grew up and decided to have a family I thought maybe I’d follow along with how my parents treated the holiday..like it was just a normal day. However, my husband had different plans. His family enjoyed decorating the house and scaring one another. Pumpkin carving competitions commenced every year with out falter.

And I thought, well, why not? Why not enjoy some of the spooky aspects that this day brings with it? I decided not to deprive my daughter of the memories that every occasion may bring. It’s all make believe anyway, right? That hanging corpse on the wall isn’t real or anything..at least I hope not.

So when Halloween rolls around, like it does every year, we dress up the kiddo. Paint our faces like skulls, or dress up like zombies, and walk around house to house begging for candy like any other red blooded American. :)

We carve pumpkins, even though I despise the mess, and we hang fake spider webs on the windows..because, why not?

I hope you are able to enjoy the festivities. And if you choose not to celebrate, well, that’s alright too.

Happy Halloween.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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