Oh, the possibilities.


There’s a lot going on.

It’s known that I have been MDI (Manual Daily Injections) since forever. I hadn’t known much about insulin pumps when I was first diagnosed, and didn’t care to learn much even years after. It seemed like it would always be out of reach, maybe? Plus, shots took long enough for me to get used to, at the time I couldn’t imagine being attached to something 24/7. Yes, diabetes is always there but not everyone can see it. Another factor in determining whether or not I’d consider an insulin pump was that I didn’t always have insurance and those nifty little devices don’t come cheap.

So I just told myself, “Why fix what isn’t broken?”

If MDI was working for me then that’s what mattered. Then recently I actually got to hold a pump, ask tons of questions, and basically reevaluate how beneficial getting a pump would be for me. It would mean better control of blood sugars, better A1c’s, and overall it would aid in a much healthier lifestyle. My husband and I started filling out paperwork, calling this person and that one, getting in touch with a few company’s and you know what we found out? It IS attainable. I was approved for an Omnipod insulin pump. Why this particular model? Well, that’s a post for another time. The important thing is that a few loose ends need to be tied before I can officially call myself a pumper but the picture is clear and I am almost there.

I never thought I would be in this position. It is the most exciting thing to happen.

This insulin pump wouldn’t just be helpful to my health though it would also ease some of the emotional strains this disease puts on me. Yes, I would have this pod type thing on me constantly, something no one could see, but I wouldn’t have to worry anymore about nasty looks when I pull out a syringe and a vial at a restaurant. Because even though I don’t care what people have to say, that empowerment doesn’t stop the chatter, or criticism. It doesn’t stop my daughter from feeling like she has to protect me from the judgmental eyes. More importantly I would be in control of this disease.

Overall there are a lot of factors making this decision very appealing.

I cried when my husband and I spoke about the possibilities. I have wanted to feel normal for such a long time now and I believe, for me, getting this pump will get me just a little bit closer to that.

Maybe it all seems so silly. Basing so much on this little device but to me it is everything. As of right now there are a lot of things working out in my favor and I’m just hoping it continues to go smoothly. By the end of this year, maybe even sooner than that, I could be on a whole new adventure with diabetes.

Wish me luck in this process.



15 thoughts on “Oh, the possibilities.

  1. I definitely wish you luck, and know we are here to support you whatever you do! I was on MDIs for 7 or 8 years before my endo finally convinced me to go on the pump. For me – I was single, and I was concerned about having something “attached” to me 24/7 and it making me look obviously diabetic, how would I deal with it in romantic situations, etc. Turns out, it was the best decision I could have made. Now, it took me a good few months to get all the “switching out sites” steps down pat without looking at directions, and definitely some months of tweaking basal rates and insulin to carb ratios and such, but within the 1st year, my A1c went down an *entire point.* Subsequently, since I’ve been on the pump plus CGM, it’s been hanging out in the low 6’s for a good long while (with the occasional 5.8 or 5.9.) I’ll take it!!! :)

    • That sounds like a true success story which really motivates me to get this going/finished up. Thank you for sharing this with me. I’m sure it’ll take some getting used to but the end, healthier, result will be worth it. :) I’ll be sure to update on what the next step for me in this process is. P.s. nice work with the A1c’s! That’s phenomenal.

  2. Kudos to you. I know that excitement you have right now because that’s how I felt when I was almost pumping. I swore up and down it was the best shit ever. until I quit the pump. I learned so much on it that I now use in my daily injection routine. Its a great tool and it could really help you.
    I’ll say the same thing that I wish someone told me when I started pumping, “don’t be surprised at the heightened sense of mental burden the device brings”. Because for me, that was the pumps downfall.

    • Hi. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been looking for all feedback. It’s funny you mentioned this because I think that’s what I’m a little concerned about.

      I suppose the good thing is I can always go back to MDI if this doesn’t work out for me. I know pumping isn’t for everyone.

  3. At first, it was a little burdensome mentally. But now it doesn’t feel any more taxing than MDI would be for me. And the cost, once I got past the co-pay for the pump, is about the same as MDI. Congratulations for looking at every angle and taking the plunge. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Stephen. I am still a little nervous about switching things up, but excited as well. I have some time to think though as I am still gathering up the funds for what the insurance wont cover. (I’ll hopefully be pumping by December) I figured out the same thing though. It really wont be costing me much more, or less, in the long run. So that’s a relief.

      I’ll be posting about the progress soon. :) Take care.

  4. I’m a bit of a “newbie” diabetic, dx about a year and a half ago. I was on MDI for only about 1 year before going on the omni pod inulin pump. I was very scared and nervous about it too, and I can only imagine how u must feel having been on shots for so long. All I can say is that it has changed my life. A lot tighter control now and so much more flexibility! Now that I am pregant I can’t imagine being without it! Good luck to you with your decision!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I am definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know that this will only better things. Tighter control and all that but I am so nervous. Hopefully I get over this quickly though because everything will be here on Wednesday. :)

  5. To be honest I broke down and started to cry in the middle of my training with the omni pod rep the day I was supposed to start pumping. I know how u feel! It’s scary! If you really aren’t comfortable “going live” w/it they can have you practice for a while using saline! That’s what I did for a week to get myself used to wearing it and the idea of doing boluses and learning how it worked. It made me more comfortable. Did they give u that option? My trainer was really helpful too and I could call her whenever I had a ?. That makes a big difference too! Good luck! I wish the best for u!

    • Aw. I’ll probably get a bit worked up myself. It is a very big step. So many things weighing on ones shoulders. You’ve spoken so highly of the system though so I’m not as worried as I was a few weeks ago. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me, even just a little. It’s helpful knowing that I am not the only one with some fears/concerns or even anxieties.

      I just got contacted by someone but I am hoping they are as helpful and friendly as your trainer was. :)

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