Can’t every day be Friday?

Here’s what’s going on in my life these days..

Friday Fives

1. My daughter’s soccer season is coming to an end soon and I just have to boast for a moment about what an exceptional little athlete she is. My husband might have been “athletic” as a child, for me, however, there wasn’t one bone in my body that wanted to play sports. I enjoyed theater, drama classes, writing, and things of that nature. So I beam from ear to ear when I witness her natural talent out on the field. Yes, I am sharing a Mom Moment. :) When you have children you often wonder what type of people they will be. You spend your hours hoping/praying that you’ve done everything right. Hoping that they will be good, up standing, citizens in society. I can say that even at five my daughter has amazed me by the way she carries herself. She is kind, generous, sincere, and so loving towards the people she cares about. Whether she was an athlete or not, or a book worm, she has made me the proudest mommy out there. Every day has been a blessing.

2. In just eight days I will be doing my part to raise awareness for diabetes. I will be walking in my first Walk to Cure with JDRF. I am excited and overwhelmed at the opportunity to be involved. To some it may be just a walk but for me it is a way of expressing just how dedicated I am about finding, funding, and aiding in any kind of research that will help type one diabetics, like myself, and others all over. We are in this together. I have reached my goal amount twice and though my number is not in the thousands I believe that any little bit helps. I am looking forward to being apart of so many more of these and only wish I would have known about them earlier in my diagnosis. Watching the community come together for this has been very powerful and encouraging.

3. I had started exercising and making better food choices and I may have stepped away from that momentarily..I am hoping to jump back in and get into a better routine. Thankfully my blood sugars have not suffered so that is one shining light. Speaking of which, I have been keeping pace for an even better A1c than the last one. My next appointment is in November and that has me nervous and excited. Nervous because you can never be too sure. You think you have dotted all the I’s and crossed all your T’s only to find that something has gone wrong..somewhere. So I try not to be too cocky when it comes to my diabetes appointments. I can only hope that everything I have been working towards leads me to success. We’ll see.

4. Recently I was asked to do an interview for a friend and her blog. I was excited to participate. I had never done any sort of interview before but I look forward to seeing how it comes together..I’m afraid that’s all I can spill about it at this moment. :)

5. The end of the year is drawing near and all I can say is that I hope these next few months are filled with so much joy and happiness, not just for myself, but for all of you wonderful people. Each and every one of you keep me motivated to come back here and speak my mind whether it be diabetes related or not. I have built a solid foundation of trust and friendship with so many of you. With the new year creeping around the corner I know that it will be a time of cleansing and do-overs. I plan to remove all negativity from my life. There is just no room for it. I need to continue to surround myself with people who care about me and are not looking to hurt and destroy anything that steps in their way. Big things are coming with 2014 and I am so looking forward to them.

I leave you with one last thought..

Never forget to smile. There is always a reason to.


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