Mom moments.

Through out the day I have a lot of “Mom moments” where something my daughter does/says will send me into a whirlwind of deep, philosophical  thoughts. Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic there. Mostly I find myself overly sentimental when a milestone in her life has been met. Here’s an example..

Over the weekend my five year old lost her first baby tooth.

Which got me thinking..

This is a first she can never relive. It’s a magical moment in the beginning steps to becoming a “big” kid, a teenager, and then an adult. Currently she is learning to ride a bike, without training wheels, she is learning to tie her shoes solo, she is experiencing all sorts of firsts and I hope everyday they are as memorable for her as they are for me. Last night the tooth fairy came bringing with her gifts and in return snatching up the baby tooth. My daughter woke up so beyond excited.

I smiled with joy at a job well done by her dad and I.

We go above and beyond to ensure that she is cared for, loved, and shown that we always have her best interest in mind.

Soon she’ll be a teenager experiencing her first crush, her first true love, and yes, even her first heartbreak. There are so many firsts that have me excited and nervous for the future. As a parent you can only hope you did a great job at instilling morals/values. I hope she doesn’t make the same mistakes I did. I hope she realizes when I tell her no to this, or that, it is only because I love her and want what’s best for her. I want to be her parent first and a friend second, I hope I never become an enemy. A role I will except, however, if it means she is safe and sound. At the end of all this I just don’t want to have the kind of relationship with her that I had with my folks. I never felt comfortable talking with them about anything. I need her to know that even if she thinks I’ll be upset she can come to me with everything. I will always be a shoulder to lean on.

I know..all this from one lost tooth..

The thing is doesn’t slow down from here. Time flies and before I know it she’ll be off raising her own children. We are here in a moment and then gone. So I plan to make every little second count. Whether I am exhausted from low/high blood sugars or not I will sit with her and color, run up and down hallways screaming, laugh and dance to silly music, snuggle up and watch her favorite movie 50 million times in a row. All of it. Because once this stage in her life is over we can never get it back.

There are no do-overs.

One fallen baby tooth.

So many more firsts to come. I am so excited for this journey with her.


One thought on “Mom moments.

  1. Great attitude! Enjoy each and every second you can. I remember my oldest daughter’s first tooth loss and now I am watching my granddaughter’s incoming teeth. It goes by far to quickly.

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