Important questions.

Why do you write?

Why did you start this blog?

These might seem like such simple questions, to me, they aren’t. I’ve given each one of these quite a bit of thought. I based my whole life and college career around the fact that I love to write. I am beyond passionate about being able to paint pictures with mere words. Since I was very young I have used writing and reading as a means of escape. Childhood was not ideal but it wasn’t always an unpleasant experience. When times were rough I knew that I could create a world of happiness and peace of mind. A world filled with laughter and love. All I had to do was sit with ink and paper and create it.

I dabbled a bit with poetry. The normal mellow dramatic teen angst oozed from the pages. Feelings of loneliness and entrapment by the parental units who were portrayed as evil villains, of course.

Then I grew up and so did my writing. Soon love and romance were taking center stage of everything I wrote. In high school I would wear my heart on my sleeve and woven into every word about prince charming were my actual hopes and dreams of one day finding the love of my life.

Poems took a back seat and I started writing short stories. Then I discovered a fascination with journalism. I wanted to write but I wanted to write the facts. I never wanted to sugar coat anything. The truth can be even more powerful than a make believe world. I just wanted to write beautifully. And be appreciated for my insight. The journey has been a long one and the truth is I am still finding my way. So when people ask me why I like to write, or why I started this blog, the simple answer is because writing is me. It’s what I am.

I blog because it gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with others who may or may not be able to relate. I write now for the very same reason I have always decided to write because it is my way of communicating what I can not always put into actual words. My bout of writers block has had me very down lately. If I can’t keep up with my own demands how will I keep up with the hustle and bustle of a work load. All I’ve ever wanted to do was write. Not for the fortune and fame, but because I enjoy it. If I stop enjoying something I’ve always been so passionate about then who am I? What am I doing here?

I need to get back into writing for me and not for any other reason. I need to throw every thing conventional out of the window and just get down to the basics. Writing. About whatever I want. Because I enjoy it.

This blog was a means for me to get out the frustrations of being diabetic. A way to show that I am not ashamed of this part of my life. And then it slowly started taking over. Which hasn’t been all bad. I think now that I have found myself on solid ground it is perfectly alright to expand. I am diabetic, yes, but I am also a writer, and a lover of all things beautiful. I am a mother, a wife, and always a hopeless romantic. Topics I shouldn’t shy away from.

Wow, this whole thing took a weird turn but I am liking where I ended up.

Guess all I had to do was write it out.

If you stuck through the babbling and have come to the end of this with me then I thank you.

There are great things to come and I can’t wait to share them with you all.


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