The best part of you..

Here’s another installment of Friday Fives.

First off, I would just like to wish everyone a Happy Blue Friday. I am definitely showing my support for diabetes awareness today. :)

Now on to very important business.

Five things I’d like to share about the DOC (Diabetes Online Community)

1. When you want to complain about blood sugars or diabetes in general there is always someone listening, giving advice, understanding.

2. When you want to celebrate a diabetes win there is always someone cheering you on. Ready to split that sugar free cupcake.

3. When you need to know a guesstimate on carbohydrates in something, there’s a very good chance that someone knows and will share that information.

4. More importantly the friends in the DOC know/understand what an A1c is. No having to explain why or what this important number in your life means. They get it. And that’s so awesome. Good or bad, they have your back.

5. Lastly, no matter where you are in the world, once you become apart of the DOC, you have friends for life. That is such a special thing to find out. :)

If you are out there looking for support and encouragement and you can’t seem to find it where you live, well, there’s hope. It’s the DOC. You can find them trough Facebook/Twitter/ even Instagram.

Just look and you’ll see us. :)


2 thoughts on “The best part of you..

  1. Elizabeth, this is all so true! I feel like I’ve been given so much from this amazing DOC. More than I can repay. I’m so lucky to be part of this community, and lucky to have discovered you here too!

    • You’re very kind, Stephen. Thank you. It was an amazing feeling when I finally discovered the DOC. You, as well as everyone else, have been so welcoming and supportive. I hope I’m able to do the same for someone else. :)

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