Friday Fives-ish.

A few of my blogging buddies do this Friday Fives thing. After careful research I’ve discovered it’s basically just five things that are going on in my life, five things I’ve learned this week, or five random things that I deem worthy enough to share.

Here goes..

  1. I bring this up only because I just decided to make it for lunch, but, eggs are not my friend. Not anymore anyway. I made an egg sandwich this afternoon, it sounded tasty enough, only to find that half way through it was already upsetting my stomach. At least that is the only thing I could link it to. A few days ago I had made one and the same thing happened. When I eat scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, anything egg..I am left feeling absolutely miserable. Which saddens me because it wasn’t always this way. I’ve always loved eggs for breakfast/lunch. These days, however, I am not liking the way they leave me wishing I’d picked something else to eat. I know, I know what you’re going to say..then why chance it and eat them over and over again if you know they will only cause you trouble? Well, my response to that is..I’m stubborn. That is all. :)
  2. I’m extremely proud of myself for having such amazing blood sugar numbers on the days that the family and I took little trips. We went to King’s Island and the zoo where we spent hours upon hours running around, and surprisingly, my numbers were great! I wish my numbers when I am just lounging around the house were that fantastic. I am sure the exercise helped but overall these trips went better than they ever have before because I took the time to plan, prepare, and take care of me. Go figure, right? :)
  3. Vitamins are my best friends. I hate those one a day, diabetic, horse pills. Lately I have pushed that aside and decided that they are there for a reason, no one ever says, “Oh no! Don’t ever take a vitamin. Those things’ll kill ya!” I have to say, I’ve felt better. More energy that’s for sure. So with my numbers staying on track and these vitamins I am feeling wonderful. Again, go figure, right?
  4. In other, none diabetic, news: My little one is starting Kindergarten in about a week and I am at a loss for words. When they say time flies they aren’t kidding. Whoever “they” are. She’s growing up so fast and I love watching every single second of it. The other day she announced to her dad and I that when she grows up she’d like to become a doctor. So that when I am sick from my diabetes she can make me feel better. She’d also like to find a cure for it. Her words exactly. Which I thought was so beautiful. I’ve never even talked about a cure with her so I loved that she sort of thought of that all on her own. She’s precious.
  5. Lastly, insulin does indeed go bad. There are expiration dates on them for a reason. Be sure to check those out, and often. Also, when going out in the heat be sure to safely secure your insulin in a cooler, portable ice chest, of some sort. I’ve had a few people inform me that they were not aware of this and I think it is very important to know. Expired insulin, or insulin that has gone bad, will not work properly. I experienced this the other day. I had a vial of long acting with me when I had gone to King’s Island and the heat must have gotten to it because for the next few days after that my numbers were very erratic. After changing the vial things have been working as they should. I know I mentioned this before in my last post but with the messages I received in my inbox, through my Facebook page, I thought it would be important to note again.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my random fives. :)

And as I always say, Own it or be owned!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives-ish.

  1. Re: #1. I sometimes get like that with bananas. I’ll go through stages when I eat them all the time and then all of a sudden the thought of them makes me sick. I hope you can eventually get back to eating eggs!

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