Good news is my favorite news.

I got back from the optometrist a little bit ago, and even though my eyes have been the same for the last eight years of being diabetic, I still go in slightly nervous/worried that THIS might be the time they tell me that I have diabetic retinopathy (retinopathy involving damage to the small blood vessels in the retina; results from chronically high blood glucose levels in people with poorly controlled diabetes) or something else crazy. I mean I don’t keep my numbers high. I try to keep them “normal” and healthy, I just prepare for the worst.

Thankfully everything went well.

My eyes are strong, healthy, and are showing no signs of any dramatic change. Whew. Sigh of relief over here.

Truth time:

Even though I stay on top of my health issues.. I am afraid..I’m scared that over time diabetes is going to destroy my body and I am not looking forward to that. My doctors would tell me that taking care of myself now doesn’t stop the complications, it just prolongs them.

That worries me.

Which is why I try to be the best I can be, even when I slip up here and there, I make sure to do everything I know I need to do to ensure that I am here for a very long time. I’d like to see grand kids and even great grand kids one day.

Maybe it seems silly to some people. Friends/family who do not truly grasp what this disease entails. However, to me, it is a life or death game I have to play every single day. Whether I want to or not. These appointments are so annoying at times but I know I need to go and get myself checked out regularly, like a car. Ha. Cars need tuneups and oil changes and, uh, a bunch of other stuff..I’m not a car chick but you get the point, right? :) All I know is that if I want my car to last then I need to take care of it. Same thing goes for my body.


In other news I recently had a vial of long acting insulin go bad on me, it was very annoying, but totally explained my high blood sugars for a few days. New vial bought and now the engine is running just fine..see what I did there? ;)

All in all today’s appointment went great and I can only hope the others follow suit.

I end this with my motto for life with diabetes.

Own it or be owned.



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