Feeling low..

Around three in the morning Saturday night I woke up with my blood sugar around 60.

Nothing too terrible, however, the alarming part was that it felt much lower than that. I jumped up to sit myself on the side of the bed. I’m hunched over with my heart racing, it’s pounding in my chest, and in my ears. I’m feeling quite dizzy, delirious, sweaty, my hands are trembling, and I remember yelling at myself to wake up from this terrible dream. I stumble to my feet, my legs are wobbly, as if I were taking my very first steps, my vision is blurry but I manage to make my way towards the restroom. I am coherent enough to not want to wake my husband up by turning on all the lights in our room. As I am about to reach my destination I look down only to find that my hands are empty. Where was my meter? I could have sworn I grabbed it. My head is so cloudy that it feels as though I am floating back into the bedroom. I locate my meter on the floor next to my bed, grab it, and immediately begin my journey back to the restroom.

The light is blinding me as I sit myself next to the sink/vanity. I struggle for a moment as I try to pull out the supplies I need to check my sugar. There I see it’s only 62. Strange, I think, as I begin to open a glucose stick. I choke on the dust that splashes up into my face. I’m inhaling this thing. Hands still shaking uncontrollably. My exhaustion might have made this whole thing seem way more dramatic than it really was. I’m not sure. I vaguely remember climbing back into bed. I woke up the next morning with my blood sugar in the 130’s.

Wondering if it had been just one really weird dream..

I’ve been low before.

In fact last night I was at a forty-two and barely felt a difference. My vision was impaired slightly but that’s about it.

I would understand sixty-two feeling incredibly low if my numbers were constantly in the 200’s plus. They aren’t though. I am consistently in the 140’s, so sixty-two should not have been that huge, dramatic event. This is why Strip Safely is such a huge deal. Though my meter/test strips read sixty-two my blood glucose might have actually been lower than that. Statistics show that the current standard for accuracy of test strips in the USA is +/- 20% …

I am hoping to not ever feel like that again.  Wishful thinking, I know.


8 thoughts on “Feeling low..

    • That might have been exactly what it was. I thought the same thing, when the low is gradual, I’ve found that the symptoms are not as harsh. I’m definitely feeling better though, thank you. :)

  1. Aww man that sounds like me the other night too. I think your right at a1conceive. I find the lows which come on a lot slower aren’t as severe but the ones that come on quickly can be some of the worst one. The night time is probably the worst time also to have a lows.Glad you managed to get yourself sorted out though :)

  2. I feel low symptoms sometimes when I’m in the low 90s. Usually means I’m falling fast. But the flip side is sometimes I’m hanging out in the 40s or lower and don’t feel a thing. :-/

  3. Ditto here – a fast crash feels way worse at 70 than a slow low feels at 40. Same for soaring highs – had one of those the other night, and thought I might literally fall to the floor I was so exhausted/tired/fatigued from it.

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